Starfield: A Shipment for Salinas Quest Walkthrough

A quick pickup of nefarious purposes, perhaps?

Starfield Vicente Salinas
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It turns out New Atlantis holds a few shady characters just like Neon, so prepare to do some dirty work. Here is how to complete A Shipment for Salinas in Starfield.

How to Start A Shipment for Salinas in Starfield

To start A Shipment for Salinas, you must head down to The Well, find Apex Electronics, and speak with the middle-aged man sitting on the box in the back of the story. This man is Vicente Salinas, and he runs a backroom operation selling weapons and ammunition, but he won’t sell to you. To unlock his wares, you must complete a favor for Salinas, which involves flying to Red Mile to scoop up a package left in the snow.

That’s not shady at all, right?

How to Complete A Shipment for Salinas in Starfield

To complete A Shipment for Salinas in Starfield, fly off to Red Mile, find the package left behind by an unknown source, and return it to Salinas. In return, you will earn his trust, and he’ll unlock his backroom weapons shop for you.

A Shipment for Salinas Quest Objectives
Speak to Vicente Salinas
Pick Up the Package from Red Mile
Deliver Package to Salinas

This isn’t a challenging quest. It’s a fetch quest. After speaking with Vicente, he’ll explain that he typically sells his wares, a selection of weapons and ammunition, to trusted individuals. To become one, he asks that you fly off to another star system and scoop up a package for him. He doesn’t say what’s in the package, though it’s likely something criminal.

Starfield Red Mile Pickup Location
Screenshot by Prima Games

No matter what’s inside, you’ll find it around the back left of Red Mile. Just head to the spot in the picture, straight ahead from the starport and around the left-hand corner of the main building. It’s a small lootable package left on the ground in the snow behind the crates.

Starfield Salinas Shop
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Once you return the package, Vicente Salinas will open the doors to his shop. You can buy various firearms, like the unique Grendel Acid Rain. It’s a fantastic early-game weapon and easy to acquire.

A Shipment for Salinas Quest Rewards

For finishing A Shipment for Salinas, you will receive the following:

  • 100 XP
  • Credits (Leveled)

Again, this isn’t a harrowing quest, but I consider it necessary. You always require ammunition and better equipment, so having another vendor unlocked in the early game proves extremely useful.

If you want more easy credits, head to The Viewport to complete Distilling Confidence.

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