Starfield: Gem Jealousy Quest Walkthrough

A tale of two collectors.

Starfield Guillaume Degarmo
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Dealing with Old Earth collectors in New Atlantis is like watching two older men argue over chess in the park, a lot of bickering and meaningless trades. Here is how to complete Gem Jealousy in Starfield.

How to Start Gem Jealousy

This is another random side quest you will either stumble upon by bumping into the quest giver randomly or through rumors passed amongst the locals. Either way, Guillaume requires your help recovering his lost gem from another collector, which is priceless to him.

How to Complete Gem Jealousy in Starfield

To complete Gem Jealousy in Starfield, you must navigate the treacherous world of Old Earth collectibles to help one collector recover his lost gem in exchange for a plate. Yes, that’s correct—a plate.

Gem Jealousy Quest Objectives
Speak to Guillaume Degarmo at Terrabrew
Speak to George Saint-George
Return to Guillaume

You will likely find him at the Terrabrew near the New Atlantis Starport, whether you hear rumors or bump into Guillaume Degarmo. At least, that’s where he was for me. But later, I did bump into him in front of the MAST HQ.

Speak with him. He’ll tell you about a priceless gem of immense beauty that shines like a light, but he lost it in a bet to a fellow collector named George Saint-George. The two are old buddies with a strong love of Old Earth Antiques.

Starfield George Saint-George
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George typically hangs out around Jemison Mercantile, just across the way from Terrabrew, but he wasn’t there when I looked. Instead, he sat comfortably at the other Terrabrew in the Commercial District.

No matter where you find him, he’ll jump at the chance to trade the seemingly worthless gem for a plate from Earth. You don’t need to pass a dialogue check or anything. He’ll accept.

It’s underwhelming.

Gem Jealousy Quest Rewards

For completing Gem Jealousy, which is perhaps the most uncomplicated quest in New Atlantis, you will receive the following:

  • 100 XP
  • Credits (Leveled)

I only enjoyed this quest because it gave me enough credits to buy my Class C Starship from Porrima-II.

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