Starfield: A Break at Dawn Quest Walkthrough

It's more of a squabble, really.

Starfield Royce Elgin
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No matter your position in the UC Vanguard, even if you’re a Captain, the local security forces could still use a helping hand from you. Here is how to complete A Break at Dawn in Starfield.

How to Start A Break at Dawn in Starfield

As you work through the variety of quests available from Sergeant Yumi of UC Security, you will inevitably receive A Break at Dawn. The kind Sergeant is dealing with a squabble at the local bar, Dawn’s Roost, in the Residential District. Recently, security broke up a severe fight between two men, and now one claims the other stole a valuable ring. It’s your job to investigate.

How to Complete A Break at Dawn in Starfield

To complete A Break at Dawn, you will need to track down the culprits in a drunken bar brawl at Dawn’s Roost in New Atlantis. Once you find the culprit who supposedly stole a valuable engagement ring, it’s your choice what to do with the whole mess.

A Break at Dawn Quest Objectives
Speak to Sergeant Yumi
Speak to Royce at the Dawn’s Roost
Find Hugo Fournier at Athena Tower
Report to Sergeant Yumi

Thankfully, Sergeant Yumi knows precisely who to speak with when it comes to tracking down the two drunken brawlers. He asks you to visit Dawn’s Roost, where Royce Elgin works. Elgin saw the entire ordeal firsthand, so he knows the two involved.

Once you speak with Royce, he’ll let you know that the one who stole the ring was actually Hugo Fournier, the taller and skinnier of the two men, and he’s close by. As it turns out, Hugo is staying at the Athena Tower in the Residential District. It’s right down the path.

Starfield Hugo Fournier
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Once you arrive at the tower, he’s moping in the lobby near the elevators. Just speak with him. He’ll tell his side of the story.

It turns out the two fighters were actually engaged to be married but there was a falling out. The ring in question was an engagement ring gifted to Hugo.

Now, you have a choice. You can persuade him to return the ring or tell him to keep it, as it was a gift, and return to Sergeant Yumi to explain the situation. It’s up to you.

A Break at Dawn Quest Rewards

For completing A Break at Dawn, you will receive the following rewards:

  • 100 XP
  • Credits (Leveled)

With this one under your belt, you’ll have enough credits to buy a few items, like a new weapon at Jemison Mercantile, or just save up for a new spaceship.

If you want other side quests in New Atlantis, we recommend A Light in the Darkness!

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