How to Get the Old Earth Assault Rifle in Starfield

An Old Earth classic returns once more!

Starfield Centaurian Arsenal Shop
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In most first-person shooters, you will find an AK-47 or one of its many variants available as an “insurgent” weapon. It’s the iconic rifle of guerrilla fighters and is said to be one of the heartiest rifles mankind ever designed. As such, it makes a ton of sense why it’s still around and kicking in Starfield’s timeline. Here is how and where to get the Old Earth Assault Rifle in Starfield!

Where to Get the Old Earth Assault Rifle

Starfield Gallow's Reach Unique Rifle
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You can get the Old Earth Assault Rifle in Starfield by visiting one of the following vendors:

  • Centaurian Arsenal, New Atlantis
  • Clint’s Collectibles, Gagarin Landing
  • Neon Tactical, Neon
  • Rowland Arms, Akila City
  • Aludra’s Weapon Shop, The Key

Alternatively, the Old Earth Assault Rifle will occasionally spawn in random crates and containers throughout the game world. I’ve yet to see any enemies carry one, though that doesn’t mean it can’t happen. So, keep an eye out!

It’s important to note, however, that the Old Earth Assault Rifle does not spawn until you’re somewhat higher level. The precise level is unknown, unfortunately.

Old Earth Assault Rifle Stats

  • Weapon Type: Rifle
  • Damage Type: Physical
  • Damage: 18
  • Ammunition Type: 7.62x39MM
  • Magazine Size: 30
  • Fire Rate: 150
  • Range: 40
  • Accuracy: 64.7%
  • Mass: 3.50
  • Value: 10582
  • Mod Slots: 7
  • Item ID: 0026ED2A

Available Weapons Mods for the Old Earth Assault Rifle

Weapon ModCrafting Resources
Armor-Piercing Rounds2x Adhesive
4x Lead
3x Tungsten
Drum Magazine2x Adhesive
3x Lead
2x Titanium
Ergonomic Grip1x Adhesive
2x Aluminum
Hair Trigger3x Adhesive
2x Iridium
3x Platinum
1x Zero Wire
High Powered3x Adhesive
1x Isocentered Magnet
3x Tantalum
4x Titanium
High Velocity3x Adhesive
1x Monopropellant
3x Platinum
2x Titanium
Iron Sights1x Aluminum
1x Nickel
Laser Sight1x Aluminum
1x Helium-3
1x Neon
Muzzle Brake2x Sealant
2x Titanium
3x Tungsten
Reflex Sight1x Adhesive
1x Aluminum
1x Chlorosilanes
Short Barrel1x Iron
1x Nickel
Small Magazine1x Lead
1x Sealant
1x Tungsten
Standard Barrel1x Iron
x2 Sealant
Standard Magazine1x Lead
1x Tungsten
Suppressor2x Polymer
3x Tantalu,
2x Tungsten
Tactical Grip1x Sealant
1x Titanium
Tactical Magazine1x Laed
1x Sealant

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