Starfield: Charity of the Wolf Quest Walkthrough

A helping hand for those in dire straits.

Starfield Amira Wolf
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Many of the side quests in Starfield involve a lot of space combat, some shooting down on the ground and shady characters, but not this one. Instead, you’ll help those in need, and here’s how to complete Charity of the Wolf in Starfield to do just that.

How to Start Charity of the Wolf

To start Charity of the Wolf, you must speak with Amira Wolf at the Low House in The Stretch. She runs a small-time charity where folks can rest their heads and find some food without any questions asked. Unfortunately, her entire operation runs on the kindness of others through donations and helping hands. You’re the latter.

How to Complete Charity of the Wolf in Starfield

To complete Charity of the Wolf, you must help Amira Wolf track down a missing grain shipment to feed those in poverty, along with soliciting donations from the wealthier in Akila City. It’s a lot of walking and talking, but you get to draw your weapon and fight off a few Ashta, too!

Charity of the Wolf Quest Objectives
Speak to Amira Wolf at the Low House
Speak to Sarah Filburn about Low House Wheat Shipment
Reboot the Farming Equipment
Return to Amira Wolf
Get Donations from Duncan Lynch
Get Donations from Reisha Lance
Get Donations from Elias Cartwright
Report Back to Amira Wolf
Deliver Intelliwheat to Simone Jansen

Amira will explain that she has a lot of hungry mouths to feed, but their most recent wheat shipment from the Filburns has yet to arrive. She wants you to speak with Sarah Filburn, who you may remember from Beer Run, about the food.

Starfield Sarah Filburn
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Unfortunately, upon speaking with Sarah, we learn that their farming equipment is shut down and requires a quick restart, but that security can’t help them just yet due to the Ashta. You can step in and deal with the pest problem yourself, restarting the farming equipment from a console atop the walkway.

When I wandered over to the farming equipment, I fought off three low-level Ashta with the help of a few farming robots equipped with laser weapons. It was a simple fight, begging the question as to why security couldn’t handle such a small-time situation. Lazy!

In any case, once the equipment is back up and running, the wheat shipment to the Low House can resume posthaste. So, head on back and let Amira Wolf know!

But that’s not the end of her requests. She regularly solicits donations from the wealthier patrons in Akila City, including a local vendor and Mayor Cartwright. She also asks that you talk to Duncan Lynch of the Trade Authority, but he won’t help. They have a “strict policy” in place not to meddle in such affairs, so talk to Mayor Cartwright and Reisha Lance instead; they’ll both offer some credits.

There is an option to press them for additional help if you want to take that route.

With the money secure and the food on its way, return to Amira Wolf for a job well done.

Charity of the Wolf Quest Rewards

Starfield Simone Jansen
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For completing Charity of the Wolf, you will receive the following rewards:

  • 200 XP
  • Credits (Leveled)

Alongside the tangible rewards you receive, speaking with Simone Jansen also provides a moral and feel-good ending to the quest. She explains how the good you’re doing alongside Ms. Wolfe of The Low House helps her family in their time of need. It’s a warm feeling, to be sure.

But if you want to just shoot something, we recommend tackling Defensive Measures, which later leads to False Positives and Leader of the Pack!

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