Starfield: Defensive Measures Quest Walkthrough

Take a proactive approach to defending a city.

Starfield Defensive Measures Quest Start - Davis Wilson
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If you’ve ever traveled outside the walls of Akila City, then you know firsthand the populace is dealing with an Ashta problem with no clear end in sight. But there might be a solution, so here’s how to complete Defensive Measures in Starfield.

How to Start Defensive Measures

As you wander through the streets and back alleys of Akila City, you’ll stumble upon all manner of gossip that can lead to side quests and miscellaneous activities. It’s the former you want, as Defensive Measures is one of the better side quests in the Freestar Collective city.

It all starts with Davis Wilson, the head of Akila City Security, and he’s first seen arguing outside of the barracks with a young inventor who wants to take a proactive approach to dealing with the Ashta outside the city walls.

How to Beat Defensive Measures in Starfield

To complete Defensive Measures in Starfield, you must work with Keoni Alpin to secure data regarding the Ashta threat outside the Akila City walls using a series of sensors she’s worked up.

Defensive Measures Quest Objectives
Listen to Davis Wilson’s Argument
Speak to Davis Wilson
Speak to Keoni Alpin
Place Keoni’s Sensors
Speak to Keoni Alpin
Get the Guard to Leave the Tower
Speak to Keoni Alpin

Overall, Defensive Measures is a relatively straightforward quest, with one minor choice as to how you approach the conclusion. But it does lead to Leader of the Pack, the culmination of the Ashta scourge on the city.

To start, listen to Davis talk about how he protects the city from Ashta. He will argue with Keoni Alpin, who has plans to utilize technology to deal with the Ashta threat in her way. Both have unique views about the problem, rooted in traditional and modern methodology.

After listening to Davis, you must speak with Keoni about her plan. She wants you to install four sensors in the lower district, along the perimeter wall, to record data about the Ashta outside. Her sensors read ground vibrations as the Ashta burrow.

Starfield Defensive Measures Sensors
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With all four sensors in place, return to Keoni for the next step.

She’ll ask you to distract the guard of the nearby tower by either convincing him to leave or by causing a distraction, such as stealing an item in front of him so that she may access the computer terminal to read her data. Alternatively, if you have the spare credits, you can pay him 1000 Credits, claiming you have a date and you’d like to set the mood. This is the route I took, and, to no one’s surprise, he took the money and walked off while wishing me good luck with the night.

Keoni will gain access to the terminal, but you’ll need to wait for her results.

Defensive Measures Quest Rewards

For completing Defensive Measures, you will receive the following rewards:

  • 100 XP
  • Credits

As is the norm, the credits you receive depend on your level.

As you complete side quests and level up, you will likely want to explore more of the galaxy. We recommend checking out the Alchiba Star System!

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