How to Become a Freestar Ranger in Starfield (Deputized Quest)

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How to Become Freestar Ranger in Starfield
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The main story will lead you to visit Akila City early in your Starfield playthrough. This city is lovely and has the Western movie vibe (but adapted to sci-fi). Before you know it, you spot a bank robbery in progress, with the local Marshall setting up a perimeter around the bank. You will have to interfere in the hostage situation and become the hero of the day. If you aspire to become a Freestar Ranger in Starfield, this is exactly where to begin, and I will follow up with the rest of the details below.

How to Join the Freestar Rangers in Starfield

The first step is the Job Gone Wrong, a quest related to the above-mentioned bank robbery. Local Marshall sends you to the bank’s intercom to negotiate with the robbers or deal with them in other ways available to you. As you may presume, it’s a choice between [Persuade] and [Attack] options.

Should you Persuade or Attack the Bank Robbers in Akila City?

Hands down, the better choice is to persuade the bank robbers to submit. It’s better for them, for the safety of the hostages, and for the town. And, you’ll increase your Persuasion skill, which will be of massive importance for much more critical situations in the future.

After you fizzle out this minor incident, Marshall will be very grateful to you and will direct you to Emma Wilcox, situated in The Rock, a local bar. If you wish to become a Freestar Ranger, hit her up.

Emma Wilcox will provide you with the Deputized Quest to complete, which is a necessary sub-step to becoming a Freestar Ranger. It’s a relatively short quest that is not very dangerous, so you should be fine and finish it promptly. Emma Wilcox will ask you to prove your worth by completing one of the available missions. 

To become a Freestar Ranger in Starfield, you must complete a mission from the computer in The Rock pointed out by the quest marker. They are usually missions that involve you collecting a bounty on some space criminals. After you return to The Rock, you will be instructed to talk to the Marshall again, who will officially initiate you into the Freestar Rangers and provide you with some rewards, which I will discuss below.

Before we go there, here are all the quests in the Freestar Rangers Questline:

List of All Freestar Rangers Quests

There are eight quests in the Freestar Rangers questline, technically speaking.

After you finish the questline, you will be rewarded with an upgraded badge – Freestar Ranger Badge. Then, you will be a full-time Freestar Ranger.

Should You Join the Freestar Rangers in Starfield? What are the Benefits?

If you are getting into Freestar Rangers for the “right cause,” you certainly will feel accomplished because NPCs will oftentimes say “Ranger.” to you as they tip their hat. Good deeds do not go unrecognized. In addition to moral bragging rights, you will get the following rewards from the Marshall as you are initiated in the Freestar Rangers:

  • Freestar Deputy Badge (upgrades to Ranger Badge when you finish the questline)
  • Freestar Ranger outfit and cap
  • Deadeye revolver

The pictures of the badge and the revolver are below for your viewing pleasure, and the outfit is visible at the top of the article.

Deadeye revolver, as you can see, has quite a value, and you can sell it if you need Credits or don’t care about this type of weaponry.

Deadeye Revolver Stats in Starfield

The stats of this magnificent Revolver are as follows:

  • Physical – 74 DMG
  • Ammo Type – 7.5mm
  • Mag capacity – 6
  • Fire rate – 12
  • Range – 40
  • Accuracy – 68.9%
  • Mass – 2.40
  • Value 11130

If the Wild West city vibe isn’t for you, and you are more of a cyberpunk person, check out How to get to Neon in Starfield; I promise that there are many exciting quests in Neon City, and we have covered many of them here at Prima Games.

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