Starfield Alchiba Gas Giant
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How to Get to the Alchiba Star System in Starfield

A high-level system with plenty to see and do!

As you progress through the game and gain levels, you’ll wind up pushing further into the Settled Systems to explore new systems, and one such system is Alchiba. Here is how to get to the Alchiba Star System in Starfield for its thrilling adventures and useful resources!

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Where to Find the Alchiba Star System in Starfield

Starfield Alchiba Flight Path
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To get to the Alchiba Star System, I recommend starting in Volii, where you’ll find Neon, as it’s the closest to Alchiba, which is located in the southernmost portion of the star map. For an upgraded Grav Drive, it’s a single jump. Otherwise, you may need to leapfrog once or twice.

It’s important to note that the Alchiba Star System is level 50, making it closer to an end-game system than not.

And once you arrive, you’ll note a large number of planets and moons just waiting for you to survey, explore, and exploit for resources.

Alchiba Star System Stats – Every Planet and Moon

Starfield Alchiba Planets
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Level: 50Mass: 1.38SM
Class: F0Magnitude: 3.14
ID: GL 455.3Planets: 10
Temperature: 7040KMoons: 18

In the Alchiba Star System, you will find the following planets and moons:

  • Alchiba I
  • Alchiba II
    • Alchiba II-a
  • Alchiba III
    • Alchiba III-a
    • Alchiba III-b
    • Alchiba III-c
  • Alchiba IV
    • Alchiba IV-a
  • Alchiba V
    • Alchiba V-a
  • Alchiba VI
    • Alchiba VI-a
    • Alchiba VI-b
    • Alchiba VI-c
  • Alchiba VII
    • Alchiba VII-a
    • Alchiba VII-b
    • Alchiba VII-c
    • Alchiba VII-d
  • Alchiba VIII
    • Alchiba VIII-a
    • Alchiba VIII-b
  • Alchiba IX
    • Alchiba IX-a
  • Alchiba X
    • Alchiba X-a
    • Alchiba X-b

What You’ll Find in the Alchiba Star System in Starfield

Once you jump into the system, you’ll note it’s quiet. For me, there were no distress beacons, and no quest markers, though I did have a Sensor Contact and Ship nearby to explore. I started with the Ship, which wound up being a derelict. My first instinct told me this was the Alien reference derelict ship in Starfield, but I was wrong. It was nothing more than a cargo vessel with some contraband and deceased miners aboard.

Most of the system is resource-rich. You’ll find plenty of fantastic spots to lay down an outpost, like on Alchiba V, where you can find Iridium, Lead, and Uranium.

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