Starfield: Last Will and Testament Quest Walkthrough

An issue of will power.

Starfield Akila City Mayor Cartwright
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Like many of the side quests in Starfield, you’ll discover this one for Mayor Cartwright in Akila City by hearing rumors from passersby. When you do, learning how to complete Last Will and Testament in Starfield will give you the upper hand and let you make a better decision to conclude this quest.

How to Start Last Will and Testament

I discovered the Last Will and Testament side quest shortly after completing Leader of the Pack. I was heading down toward the city’s starport when, to no one’s surprise, a random NPC talked about Mayor Cartwright dealing with an issue and needing a helping hand. Well, I’m a helping hand.

Upon tracking him down at his manor to the right of The Rock, the mayor will delve into the details of the job.

How to Complete Last Will and Testament in Starfield

To complete Last Will and Testament in Starfield, you must help Mayor Cartwright track down the last will and testament of Sahar Hasanov, who left Akila City to form a farm in the wilderness. Unfortunately, in her absence, her manor went to someone outside the family. But the good mayor would like to right this injustice with your help.

Last Will and Testament Quest Objectives
See Mayor Cartwright About a Job
Ask Elias Cartwright About Frank Langston
Get Sahar Hasanov’s Will from Sahar’s Farm on Akila
Speak to Elias Cartwright

To find her farm, you must hop back in your spaceship, enter orbit, and then land back on the planet once again at the marked location. It’s nestled deep in the woods, and I have to say, this was one of the most beautiful areas of any planet I have explored yet.

Starfield Akila Forest
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It’s a dark and gloomy forest, with the perfect lair of fog covering the ground and a few bug-like fauna skittering about between the trees. I’m going to return her to build an outpost once this side quest is complete.

As you wander through the woods toward your destination, the illumination of Sahar’s Farm will cut through the darkness or just the trees if it’s daylight for you.

Starfield Sahar Farm
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Inside the fence, you’ll note a few hostile faunas. They will automatically attack, so do what I did and pick them off through the fence before climbing over. From there, it’s a cakewalk. Just enter the airlock, open the chest to the right-hand side of the hab, and scoop up Sahar’s last will.

But now you have a choice. When you return to Akila City, you can either bring the will back to Mayor Cartwright or, optionally, bring it to Frank Langston. If you choose the latter, he will reward you extensively with far more credits than the mayor offers. But it’s not the morally right path if that matters to you and your character.

Starfield Frank Langston
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Either way, Sahar’s legacy receives closure.

Last Will and Testament Quest Rewards

Depending on your choices at the conclusion of Last Will and Testament, you will receive:

  • Siding with Mayor Cartwright
    • 50 XP
    • 2500 Credits
  • Siding with Frank Langston
    • 50 XP
    • 10000 Credits

As you can see, you receive far more credits for siding with Frank. If you need the money, go with that path. But if you’re playing a “good” character, side with the mayor.

If you want a more light-natured quest after this one, we recommend tackling A Light in the Darkness!

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