All Starfield Starport Locations

Where to land, repair, and buy ships across the Settled Systems.

Starfield Neon Spaceport
Screenshot by Prima Games

You’re flying through space, tackling pirates in dogfights, and taking a bit of damage, which means you’ll require a quick landing at the safest starport and repairs from a knowledgeable technician, right? Here are all Starfield Starport locations so you can always find a spot to rest, repair, and purchase new ships.

Every Starport Location in Starfield

In Starfield, you have traditional Starport locations, like New Atlantis or Akila City, and then you have staryards and space stations, like Deimos Staryard and Stroud-Eckland Staryard. The former all offer a place to land, repair your ship, upgrade modules, and even occasionally buy entirely new ships. That is if you have the credits. But knowing is half the battle, as they say.

New Atlantis Spaceport

Starfield New Atlantis Spaceport
Screenshot by Prima Games

Upon landing in New Atlantis, you will wind up in the main spaceport, assuming you don’t choose to spawn beside Constellation Lodge automatically. Here, directly ahead of where you land, you’ll find the local Ship Services Technician and the Trade Authority Kiosk. You can sell whatever you need, including contraband, at the latter—the former offers ship services, like repairs and upgrades.

Akila City Spaceport

Starfield Akila City Spaceport
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When you land in Akila City, you’ll note the fenced-in path guiding you toward the main gates. But before you pass underneath and into the city proper, check out the building on the right-hand side of the trail. Here, you’ll find the usual Trade Authority Kiosk, and inside the building itself, there is a Ship Services Technician.

Neon Spaceport

Starfield Neon Ship Services Technician
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After landing at the Neon Spaceport, your eyes will be immediately drawn to the city itself. It’s an absolute marvel to behold, with the lightning striking from above and the waves crashing below. But instead of following the walkway across the water to the elevator, stop and turn to your left. You’ll note a building off to the edge of the spaceport by its lonesome. You’ll find the usual Trade Authority Kiosk and Ship Services Technician here.

Cydonia Spaceport

Starfield Cydonia Spaceport
Screenshot by Prima Games

As the vital city on Mars, Cydonia will have its own Ship Services Technician and Trade Authority Kiosk beside the spaceport. But unlike most other settlements in the game, it’s not directly in front of you upon landing. You’ll have to walk a bit.

Once you leave your ship, follow the walkway straight ahead, then take the first left. Instead of entering the city proper entrance, keep walking past, and you’ll spot both the Technician and Kiosk on a separate platform.


Starfield Hopetown Spaceport
Screenshot by Prima Games

Hopetown is one of the easiest spaceports to manage in the game. You land, walk straight ahead of where you leave your ship, and there’s the Ship Services Technician and Trade Authority Kiosk. They’re just waiting for you by the entrance to the settlement. But if you move past those two, you’ll find a weapon store on the left-hand side of the courtyard, selling many high-end items.

Red Mile

Starfield Red Mile Spaceport
Screenshot by Prima Games

It’s rare that you’ll venture out to The Red Mile, but when you do, you’ll want to race indoors before the cold weather berates you too much. I’m serious; hypothermia will set in quickly, so get moving!

Once indoors, you’ll find Lon Andersson, the local Ship Services Technician, sitting behind a desk on the immediate right of the front entrance.


Starfield Paradiso Spaceport
Screenshot by Prima Games

Paradiso, the resort city on Porrima II, has a dedicated Ship Services Technician and Trade Authority Kiosk. You can still do business despite being a place of rest and relaxation. But to find either, you must head down the landing dock platform. You shouldn’t miss the technician standing off to the site.

Eleos Retreat

Starfield Eleos Retreat Ship Services Technician
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Despite its overall size and tucked-away location, Eleos Retreat, home to reformed criminals, has a decently-sized spaceport. They have a Trade Authority Kiosk and a Ship Services Technician inside the little shack nearby. Don’t expect the same fanfare when you land at other locations, as this isn’t a bustling metropolis.

Gagarin Spaceport

Starfield Gagarin Spaceport
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Gagarin, a small settlement in Alpha Centauri, is home to numerous shops, side quests, and even a decent-sized spaceport. It includes a Trade Authority Kiosk and Ship Services Technician, and just down the ramp, to the right, you’ll find Clint’s Collectibles—a unique little shop that sells the occasional high-end piece of gear. But for now, focus on getting your ship in order at the spaceport.

New Homestead Spaceport

Starfield New Homestead Spaceport
Screenshot by Prima Games

And lastly, we have the New Homestead Spaceport. It’s on Titan, within the Sol Star System, and includes a Ship Services Technician and Trade Authority Kiosk directly beside the landing pad. You don’t need to travel into the settlement completely, which is good, as it’s dead inside.

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