Starfield: False Positives Quest Walkthrough

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Starfield False Positives Ashta Sighting
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Akila City is home to more than just the Freestar Rangers; it’s also the home planet of the Ashta, a dangerous race of fauna that will absolutely eat people. Here is how to complete False Positives in Starfield to help deal with such a threat!

How to Start False Positives

False Positives will begin 24 hours after you complete Defensive Measures, after setting up Keoni’s sensors and letting her access the computer terminal at the watchtower along the city wall.

Once it does begin, you’ll have to work with her and Davis Wilson again to address the Ashta threat to Akila City.

How to Beat False Positives in Starfield

To beat False Positives in Starfield, you must continue working with Keoni Alpin to collect her data, work with Davis Wilson to patrol outside the wall, and discover who is tampering with the city’s security robots.

False Positives Quest Objectives
Wait 24 Hours for Keoni to Collect Her Data
Speak to Keoni Alpin About Ashta Data
Speak to Davis Wilson
Head to the East Gate
Speak to Davis Wilson
Assist Davis on Patrol
Defeat the Ashta
Speak to Davis Wilson
Search the Security Logs
Speak to Bailey Kirklin
Speak to Davis Wilson

Once Keoni collects and collates the data, she’ll come up with disturbing findings that indicate someone is tampering with her readings or perhaps something worse is going on beyond the city walls. Either way, it isn’t good.

Of course, you will want to speak with Davis Wilson about the matter, too. He asks you to come along on a patrol with him. I found this patrol to be relatively easy overall. You encounter a handful of Ashta, just enough to deepen the mystery about Keoni’s data but not enough to prove challenging. One was level 20, but it went down with a handful of shots from the Old Earth Hunting Rifle.

With the Ashta defeated and a destroyed security robotic crumpled on the ground before you, Davis believes someone from within the Akila City Security is beyond this mess. He asks you to visit the local barracks to access the computer terminal to determine who accessed the robots last.

Starfield Defensive Measures Quest Start - Davis Wilson
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Unfortunately, we find out it was Bailey Kirklin, the young woman we first met alongside Davis at the beginning of Defensive Measures. She had no ill intentions, thankfully, but her results made life more difficult for everyone involved and put the city at risk.

As such, Davis isn’t too thrilled about someone close to him tampering with the safety of the entire city. You can and likely should inform him of her betrayal, and then it’s time to wait until the Leader of the Pack quest kicks off!

False Positives Quest Rewards

For completing False Positives in Starfield, you will receive the following:

  • 75 XP
  • Credits

Again, the amount of credits you receive depends on your player level at the time of completion.

If you’re still interested in tackling side quests, there are plenty of awesome quests you might have missed in Starfield.

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