Starfield: Beer Run Quest Walkthrough

What's one final beer run?

Starfield Beer Run Side Quest Sarah Filburn
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Around every corner, there’s a predicament waiting for a random passerby to offer a solution because no NPC in Starfield can solve problems themselves. Here is how to complete Beer Run in Starfield, a side quest involving a business dispute between a husband and wife and now you.

How to Start Beer Run

To track down Beer Run in Starfield, one of Akila City’s hidden side quests, you’ll need to randomly pop into Weston Filburn’s House in one of the lower districts on the right-hand side of the city. It’s a small and unassuming house near the Recreation Field.

Once inside, speak with Sarah Filburn, as she clearly has something on her mind and wants the help of a stranger who isn’t attached to the family or their business.

How to Complete Beer Run in Starfield

To complete Beer Run in Starfield, Sarah will ask you to sabotage the most recent batch of beer her husband, Henry Filburn, has been brewing at his factory. It’s selling quite well, but he’s less focused on their farming business, which can feed multiple planets and cities, and instead wasting time brewing alcohol for the Stoneroot Inn in Akila City.

She warns you of a guard watching over the batch, but it was completely empty when I went to the brewing facility. The only guard was an Akila City Guard wandering an alleyway a block away.

Starfield Filburn Brewing Facility in Akila City
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Once here, you must activate the computer terminal on the wall to sabotage the batch. You have a few options:

  • Increase temperature by 20 degrees Celsius
  • Increase IBU to 160
  • Increase alcohol content

How the patrons at Stoneroot Inn react will depend on your choice here, so pick wisely.


Don’t increase the alcohol content if you want to side with Sarah Filburn; it causes patrons to love the beer and order more!

Alternatively, you can always tell Henry Filburn about Sarah’s plan to bypass the sabotage and waiting game altogether.

But if you wish to go through with the sabotage, once you’ve input a command and potentially sabotaged the brew, it’s time to sit on your thumbs and wait. Find an empty chair or bed, and wait for 24 in-game hours.

Once the 24 hours pass, you’ll receive an updated objective to see the reaction to the brew at Stoneroot Inn on the opposite side of Akila City. This step varies depending on your choice at the computer terminal, though.

Once you’ve witnessed their reaction, return to Sarah for payment.

Beer Run Quest Rewards

Starfield Stoneroot Inn Patrons in Akila City
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Your reward varies depending on how you approach the quest and your choices.

Increase temperature by 20 degrees CelsiusPatrons stop ordering the beer, and Sarah pays you 2500 Credits.
Increase IBU to 160Patrons stop ordering the beer, and Sarah pays you 2500 Credits.
Increase alcohol contentPatrons love the beer and continue ordering more, and Sarah pays you nothing.
Tell Henry Filburn about the planPatrons love the beer and continue ordering more, and Sarah pays you nothing. However, Henry pays 2900 Credits.

On top of the credits, you’ll also receive 55 XP!

While you’re in the Freestar Collective, why not pop over to Neon and complete All For One? It’s an interesting side quest in the same vein as Beer Run!

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