Starfield: All For One Quest Walkthrough

A helping hand and a stern talk goes a long way!

Starfield James Newill
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After stumbling out of Madame Savauge’s Place and wandering through the streets of Neon, you will inevitably listen in on several grievances. These little side quests offer some experience and credits, and we’re here to help with a full All for One quest walkthrough in Starfield.

How to Complete All For One in Starfield

Whether you discover this optional side quest by walking around and listening to rumors or approaching James Newill at his shop in Neon, completing All For One is good business for everyone in Neon Core. To complete the side quest, first speak with James about his troubles. He’s concerned with Dietrich Sieghart of Sieghart’s Outfitters paying off the Neon Security. James believes it sets a precedent that all vendors should pay off corrupt officials. He’s not wrong in many ways; it’s more about his methods.

At this point, you’ll receive a quest objective to speak with Sieghart about the situation and an optional objective to talk with Rosa Newill.


Speak with Rosa! She has valuable insight into the situation, and by speaking with her, you’ll unlock a unique dialogue option with Sieghart during a Persuasion check that instantly wins him over to your side.

Thankfully, Sieghart’s Outfitters is just down the block, so take a quick walk and speak with the shop owner. He has a lot to stay, especially about his business and overwhelming debt, so sift through the sales talk to get to the quest.

The persuasion check isn’t difficult to beat if you speak with Rosa. But if you skipped the optional objective, we recommend saving before entering dialogue with Dietrich. That, or pop a Hippolyta.

Should you pass the persuasion check, Dietrich will agree to halt all payments to the security forces and commit to standing with the other vendors against corruption. It’s a win-win for everyone!

All For One Quest Rewards

You’ll receive several quest rewards upon completing All For One in Starfield. These include:

  • 110 XP
  • Credits

The credits in question vary depending on your level. At level 32, when I finished this side quest, I earned approximately 4400 credits.

Starfield has so many unique side quests just waiting for you to discover.

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