Starfield: Leader of the Pack Quest Walkthrough

Time to take down the big one!

Starfield Ashta Alpha in Leader of the Pack Quest
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The culmination of a three-part quest in Akila City will see you helping the local security forces deal with a potential Ashta invasion. Here is how to complete Leader of the Pack in Starfield.

How to Start Leader of the Pack

At the end of False Positives, another side quest in Akila City, you will need to wait 24 in-game hours before speaking with Keoni Alpin regarding her Ashta data. Once the time is up, talk with her to begin Leader of the Pack. It’s the third and final part in the quest line and culminates in a simple yet exciting boss battle with an Alpha Ashta outside the city walls.

How to Complete Leader of the Pack in Starfield

Starfield Leader of the Pack
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To complete Leader of the Pack in Starfield, you must help Keoni sort through her data regarding the Ashta presence outside the city while assisting Davis in dealing with a new and more dangerous threat to Akila City.

Leader of the Pack Quest Objectives
Wait 24 Hours to Speak to Keoni Alpin
Check in with Keoni Alpin
Speak to Davis Wilson
Follow Davis Wilson
Defeat the Alpha Ashta
Speak to Davis
Speak to Keoni

After waiting a full day and speaking with Keoni, she’ll determine that something is wrong, but it’s not Ashta that has her concerned. It’s Davis. He’s spending more time patrolling outside of the city walls, risking his life to protect the city, and so she asks you to speak with him once more as an intermediary.

When you confront Davis, he’ll explain that he doesn’t have a death wish but suspects something more potent, bigger, and faster is out there. The last time he went out on patrol, Davis noticed footprints and patterns indicative of something bigger.

Once again, he requested our presence on a patrol. I genuinely like this style of side quest. A simple patrol may appear monotonous, but it’s different: a break from clearing dungeons full of Spacers or Ecliptic and just a chance to wander along a path outside a city in the backwoods. It’s fun.

Anyway, while on patrol, you and Davis will stumble upon some significant rumblings. Just down the path from the East Gate, an Alpha Ashta rears its ugly head. At level 32, I didn’t have much trouble with the fight, though you may at lower levels.

No matter your level, you have a choice to make here. Kind of. You can let Davis perish in the fight or ensure he survives. The latter is the better option, though if he dies, you can loot his body of equipment, including his uniform and weapon.

Leader of the Pack Quest Rewards

For completing Leader of the Pack, the final side quest in this three-part series, following Defensive Measures and False Positives, you will receive the following:

Once you’re done with this side quest, there are a few quests you may have missed in Starfield that we recommend you tackle next!

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