How to Get Despondent Assassin in Starfield

What type of assassin will you be?

Starfield Despondent Assassin Unique Rifle
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There’s something fascinating about wandering through Akila City. It has a certain charm as if you’re wandering through Firefly. It’s also home to some of Settled Systems’ most interesting and lucrative side quests. One such quest is a side gig you’ll stumble across randomly in the back alleys of Akila City near the central gate by the starport. Here is how to get Despondent Assassin in Starfield.

Where to Get Despondent Assassin in Starfield

Starfield Davis Wilson
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To get Despondent Assassin in Starfield, you must first complete a series of side quests for Davis Wilson, a security personnel in Akila City. These quests include Defensive Measures, False Positives, and Leader of the Pack. By completing all three, you’ll receive Despondent Assassin as a reward, and it’s a nice little Old Earth Hunting Rifle with a few kickass affixes attached.

The only downside to using an Old Earth Hunting Rifle, even a unique variant of one, is tracking down the rather rare ammunition to keep it running in the field!

Despondent Assassin Stats and Details

Starfield Despondent Assassin Stats
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If you can manage the kick of an Old Earth Hunting Rifle, this little beauty packs a punch. With a relatively high damage output made even better when both aiming and fighting human enemies, Despondent Assassin will tackle most enemies throughout an entire playthrough.

  • Weapon Type: Rifle
  • Damage Type: Physical
  • Damage: 34
  • Ammunition Type: 9x39MM
  • Magazine Size: 12
  • Fire Rate: 40
  • Range: 78
  • Accuracy: 86.8%
  • Mass: 2.95
  • Value: 18048
  • Mod Slot 1: Small Magazine
  • Mod Slot 2: High Powered
  • Rare Effects:
    • Demoralizing – There is a small chance to demoralize the target.
    • Hitman – +15% damage when aiming down sights.
    • Anti-Personnel – +10% additional damage against human enemies.
  • Item ID: 14920B

Whether you’re an avid collector of unique rifles in Starfield or simply want a powerful weapon to help you tackle the main questline, Despondent Assassin will quickly become your go-to rifle!

If you want another unique weapon to help you take down Spacers or Crimson Fleet, then look no further than Terror Inflictor. It’s a powerful secondary weapon that pairs well with Despondent Assassin!

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