Spider-Man 2: 15 Best Skills to Unlock First

Prepare yourself for the adventure ahead with these excellent skills.

Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 has a unique skill tree, allowing players to customize their individual Spider-Men alongside the team. Here are 5 of the best skills to unlock for each, alongside 5 of the best skills to unlock for the team first.

The Best Skills To Unlock First In Marvel’s Spider-Man 2

As you make your way through Spider-Man 2, you’ll unlock the ability to unlock plenty of unique abilities for Peter Parker and Miles Morales, alongside a Shared Skill tree that benefits them both. Let’s dive right in and find out what skills you should be dumping your points in right away to ensure you’ve got the best Spider-Build around.

Best Skills For Peter Parker in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2

Peter Parker is a well-rounded fighter who depends on his creative wits and gadgets to push him toward his goals, but that doesn’t mean he isn’t great. If you’re hoping to get your hands on the best Peter Parker build, we’ve got you covered here. Be sure to unlock these skills straight away in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2:

Spider Whiplash

By pressing L1 & X at the same time, you’ll shoot your enemies into the air, giving you a chance to take a breather or take the fight to the skies to wipe them all out.

Spider Rush

Pressing L1 & Triangle together, you’ll zoom forward in a whirlwind of chaos, eliminating large groups of foes at once. There is no easier way to deal with big crowds than this particular skill.

Spider Shock

Pressing L1 & O together, you can gather up a fair number of enemies at once and shock them all, giving you a perfect chance to swoop in and finish them off with ease.

Spider Barrage: Heavy Impact

The first skill you unlock in the game, this skill will add some extra OOMPH to your hits. By pressing L1 & Square, you’ll unleash a flurry of attacks, ending in a large shockwave that sends your foes flying.

Best Skills For Miles Morales In Marvel’s Spider-Man 2

Miles Morales is one of the newest characters to pick up the Spider-Man moniker, but he also has the power of electricity on his side. These skills will allow you to use your newfound powers to your advantage, and your enemies will be in for a shock by the time you’re done with them.

Venom Dash

With a press of L1 & Triangle, you’ll zoom into your enemies, sending them flying with a strong toss at the end of the action. A great way to make some distance, or deliver a final blow on a pesky foe.

Venom Jump

Pressing L1 & X together will push all of the enemies in the area up into the sky, causing a bit of damage and a great way to start stringing together some excellent air combos.

Venom Dash: Double Dash

To go hand in hand with the standard Venom Dash, this particular skill will let you do another Venom Dash as soon as the first has finished. Great for covering ground, and some extra damage control.

Venom Smash: Jolt

With a press of the L1 & O buttons, you can smash the ground, causing plenty of damage to the foes that are circling you. What’s better than getting to do it again in rapid succession, and also sending them flying into the skies?


If you find that you want your Skills to rebuild faster, Bio-Siphon is your best bet. Start hitting stunned enemies to fill up your Skill meters faster than ever before, thanks to their kinetic energy.

Best Shared Skills For Peter and Miles in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2

They’ve always said that two is better than one, and that point is still valid here. The Shared Skill tree will allow both Peter and Miles to benefit from particular upgrades, so let’s find out which ones we should get first.

Slingshot Launch

The Slingshot Launch is exactly as it sounds: pressing and holding the L2 button and X will send you careening through the skies at a disgusting rate of speed, allowing you to either pop open your web wings and take to the sky, or start swinging like a pro once again.

Loop de Loop

The Loop de Loop is a great way to build up speed, and it’s also effective at showing off your true skills as a Spider-Man. Just dive off of a building by pressing in L3, and then press and hold the R2 button to spin around like Big Wheel and make some distance.

Corner Tether

Swinging throughout New York is a blast, but you may find yourself stuck between a rock and a hard place or another really tall building while chasing after crooks in a car. The Corner Tether allows you to swing around a corner with speed, with just a quick press of the O button.


The Spider-Jump/Spider-Dash are great ways to keep your momentum going while swinging or gliding, respectively. A press of the L1 button and the corresponding button will send you bounding into the air or straight forward like a missile, ensuring that you can spend as much time as possible in the air.

Combo Resupply

If you’re a big fan of the different abilities that both Spider-Men can use, then Combo Resupply is a must-have Skill. As you take down foes with 4-hit combos, you can get a free gadget use, so you don’t need to fret about filling up that gauge before engaging.

No matter if you’re just looking for faster ways to make it around the massive world before you or if you need some extra help in combat, these skills are great additions to an already stacked experience. Make sure that you’re saving up your skill points so you can start getting your hands on these as quickly as possible and be ready for anything.

If you’re looking for additional help in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2, be sure to check out our section below to get your hands on plenty of tips and tricks, alongside some additional lore about your favorite villains and heroes. Can’t remember exactly who Cletus Kasady is and need a refresher? We’ve got you covered.

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