Is Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 Open World? – Answered

Is this world smaller or larger than it's previous entries?

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Remembering some of my earliest gaming memories, Spider-Man has always been a huge part of my life. Not only was I a huge fan of the comics when I was growing up, but experiencing his trials and tribulations through a variety of different video games has left a lasting impact on me. From the days of playing Spider-Man on my PlayStation 1 to the first time entering the shoes of the webhead on my PlayStation 4, I’m always on board with more exciting Spider-Man action. However, is Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 shrinking down the size of the world for a more intimate adventure, or do we have a massive playground to swing around in?

Does Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 Have An Open World?

If you’re hoping for more of the same, you’ll be disappointed here… or rather, you should be elated because not only is Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 open world, but it’s even larger than the games that came before it. The open-world map that Spider-Man 2 brings to the table is almost double the size of the first game, with both Brooklyn and Queens included this time around. It’s something that only the power of the PlayStation 5 could bring to the table, so it may be time to finally upgrade.

Thanks to a variety of new traversal options, including the web suit, which will put a certain Kryptonite-powered Hero to shame, you’ll have a blast making your way around this highly detailed version of New York once again. Since you can swap between two characters, you’ll never get bored of just taking hot laps around the city since Peter and Miles both have distinct ways of making their way around the cities that have been laid out before them.

Get ready for the ultimate Spider-Man experience by checking out our section below, so you know which version of the game you should pre-order, and learn if there are any multiplayer offerings available in this enhanced experience.

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