Who Is Cletus Kasady In Spider-Man 2 – Answered

Who is this man, and what importance does he bring to the story?

Spider-Man is full of memorable heroes and villains, but some of their alter egos may not be as well known as their working name. Who is Cletus Kasady, and what importance does he hold to the story?

What Super Villian Is Cletus Kasady In Marvel’s Spider-Man 2

Warning: Spoilers Below

This article will cover who Cletus Kasady is, alongside his alter-ego. Proceed with caution.

A band of cultists that worship fire alongside their leader, subsequently named The Flame, need to be brought to justice just as much as everyone else you encounter. However, a familiar face and name led these folk toward their purpose: Cletus Kasady.

Now, where have you heard that name before? If you’re a fan of Symbiote powers, Cletus may ring a bell as the more terrifying and unhinged Carnage. However, he hasn’t received his Symbiote powers… yet. At a point in The Flame questline, Cletus Kasady can get his hands on a Symbiotic parasite, which sets us up to appear as Carnage in the likely sequel to this particular adventure. It’s a shame we haven’t seen him yet, but Venom brings enough chaos to the party this time.

So, while we may not get to see the crazed antics of Carnage just yet, we know what we can expect in either a spin-off or mainline addition to Marvel’s Spider-Man series. While Venom may have been quite the threat overall, an offspring of the Symbiote is often more powerful than its parent, so Peter Parker and Miles Morales are going to have their plates full next time around.


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