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All Spiderbot Locations in Spider-Man 2

Every Spiderbot Location in Marvel's Spider-Man 2.

Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 is filled with collectibles to find, gather, and eventually get a sick new reward. One of the more complicated collectibles is the 42 Spiderbots littered around the map. Don’t fret, though – here’s a list of every Spiderbot location in Spider-Man 2.

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Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 Spiderbot Locations

After doing a few opening missions, you’ll need to have unlocked the ability to find the Spiderbots. Ganke will lead you to the first one, and the rest will unlock.

I’ve broken down where to find every Spiderbot in Spider-Man 2 by region so you can collect as you go through the map.

Astoria Spiderbots

There are four Spiderbots in Astoria; you’ll have to look high and low to find them. The order of these is based on when I found them, as there isn’t an optimal path to grab these, so feel free to keep opening the maps as you go through it.


Click the images to expand them.

Astoria 1

It’s on the backside of the tall brown pillar building.

Astoria 2

This one is floating in the sky, so we recommend using your Spider-Jump ability to gain some extra height.

Astoria 3

You’ll find this one on the backside of the building. You can crawl up the wall and grab it with ease.

Astoria 4

This Spiderbot took me a while to find because I forgot that Astoria has a little island between Manhattan and Queens. Don’t be like me; head to this island and grab the final Spiderbot.

Central Park Spiderbots

Central Park has only two Spiderbots, and both are pretty quick to grab.

Central Park 1

This Spiderbot is just chilling in the middle of the park, waiting to be captured.

Central Park 2

Follow the road into Central Park to find this Spiderbot under the overpass. This is the last Spiderbot in Central Park.

Chinatown Spiderbots

We have three Spiderbots in Chinatown to find; let’s get to it.

Chinatown 1

I recommend getting to the tallest building in the area and using your wingsuit to grab this one high above the skyline.

Chinatown 2

You’ll find this Spiderbot attached to the mural featured above.

Chinatown 3

This one is found in the alleyway on the wall between two buildings. That’s it for Chinatown.

Downtown Brooklyn Spiderbots

We have four Spiderbots to find in Downtown Brooklyn.

Downtown Brooklyn 1

You find this one underneath the on-ramp to the Brooklyn Bridge.

Downtown Brooklyn 2

Just swing to the big building and grab this Spiderbot. Nothing fancy here.

Downtown Brooklyn 3

You’ll find this Spiderbot underneath the subway tracks.

Downtown Brooklyn 4

Downtown Brooklyn’s last Spiderbot is up on the rooftops. Grab it, and let’s head to the next location.

Downtown Queens Spiderbots

Downtown Queens has three Spiderbots to grab, so let’s get cooking.

Downtown Queens 1

This Spiderbot is close to the border of Astoria. You’ll find it on the back of the white house.

Downtown Queens 2

You’ll find this one up on the rooftop near the overpass.

Downtown Queens 3

Check out the baseball field to find the Spiderbot on the home plate.

Financial District Spiderbots

The Financial District has two Spidebots to grab, so we will be in and out before you even know it.

Financial District 1

This one is just on the building; no difficulty here.

Financial District 2

You’ll need to get some serious height for this one. Try using Spider Jump to access it from a tall building.

Greenwich Spiderbot Locations

We have three Spiderbots in Greenwich to grab.

Greenwich 1

This is the very first Spiderbot you will find as part of the main mission. Once Ganke leads you to this one, the others will all unlock.

Greenwich 2

You’ll find the Spiderbot right on this wonderful mural of Jonah Jameson.

Greenwich 3

This Spiderbot is underneath the awning of the Modern Art building on the ground floor.

Harlem Spiderbot Locations

There are three Spiderbots in Harlem.

Harlem 1

You’ll spot this one on the side of the brown building.

Harlem 2

Hop onto this building to find the next Spiderbot.

Harlem 3

The last Harlem Spiderbot can be found on the back of this building by the open gate.

Hell’s Kitchen Spiderbot Locations

There are four Spiderbots to collect in Hell’s Kitchen.

Hell’s Kitchen 1

This one can be found crawling around at the back of the building.

Hell’s Kitchen 2

Look for the oddly shaped building, and you’ll find our little Spiderbot roaming around on top.

Hell’s Kitchen 3

This Spiderbot is high in the air, so use Spider Jump and Spider Dash to reach it.

Hell’s Kitchen 4

Climb the smoke stack to find this one high above.

Little Odessa Spiderbot Locations

You’ll find three Spiderbots in Little Odessa.

Little Odessa 1

You’ll find this Spiderbot chilling in Little Odessa on the side of a building.

Little Odessa 2

Make good use of the Spider Dash and Spider Jump abilities to grab this one flying high in the air.

Little Odessa 3

You’ll find this near the construction area in Little Odessa.

Midtown Spiderbot Locations

Midtown has three Spiderbots to find.

Midtown 1

You’ll find this one on the side of the building near the top.

Midtown 2

In the second image, the next Spiderbot is found near the water tower on top of the building.

Midtown 3

Spiderbot number three in Midtown can be found at the top of this very tall building.

Upper East Side Spiderbot Locations

There are three more Spiderbots in The Upper East Side for us to grab.

Upper East Side 1

Just hanging around on the side of a building. Nothing to really see here.

Upper East Side 2

Another one just hanging on the side. These Spiderbots are too easy.

Upper East Side 3

You’ll find the last Upper East Side Spiderbot on the building on the building where the purple sphere is glowing.

Upper West Side Spiderbot Locations

There are three more Spiderbots in the Upper West Side.

Upper West Side 1

On the darker part of the building, you’ll see the purple Spiderbot crawling.

Upper West Side 2

You’ll find it on the building on the far side of the courtyard.

Upper West Side 3

You’ll find this Spiderbot on the tall building near the coastline.

Williamsburg Spiderbot Locations

We did it; these are the final two Spiderbots in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2.

Williamsburg 1

Another one just crawling around a building.

Williamsburg 2

Perch up on the nearest tall building and jump to grab this one.

Those are all of the Spiderbot locations in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2. We did it! Now check out all of the suits for Peter and Miles in Spider-Man 2.

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