Spider-Man 2: Where to Find the Esports Team in Lights, Camera, Action

Did you really expect them to be touching grass?

Screenshot of the Esports Team in Spider-Man 2.
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During the Lights, Camera, Action Brooklyn Visions mission, you’re tasked with taking three photographs of student life around the school campus in Williamsburg. While this may sound simple, the Esports Team photo, in particular, is tricky to track down; here’s where to find it in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2.

How to Take the Esports Team Student Life Photo in Spider-Man 2

Though the other two student life photo subjects – the Drone Club and the Greenhouse – are found outside on the Brooklyn Visions Academy campus in Spider-Man 2, the Esports Team isn’t.

The Esports Team is inside the Brooklyn Visions Academy, in the building east of the football field where the Drone Club is flying their drones. Look for a giant set of glass windows, then land on the roof of the building opposite.

Peer into the glass windows, and you’ll spot the Esports Team working hard on their PCs. What do you think they’re playing? My bets are on League of Legends because LoL players definitely do not go outside. Tell me I’m wrong.

Swipe up on your DualSense controller’s touchpad to open the Camera, point it toward the Esports Team, and press R1 to take the student life photograph. Easy!

If you’ve yet to snap the other two student life photos, check out my full Lights, Camera, Action mission walkthrough for Marvel’s Spider-Man 2.

Spoiler alert: you’ll probably need it because Odyssey wants one thing after another and even has the audacity to ask Spider-Man to edit 10 hours of footage. No, thank you. Does anyone do anything themselves these days? Jeez…

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