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Screenshot of the Lights, Camera, Action mission in Spider-Man 2.
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As you’re swinging around New York as Miles Morales in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2, you’ll come across Brooklyn Vision missions, given to you by students needing help. One such mission that may leave you stumped is Lights, Camera, Action; here’s how to complete it, including all student life photo locations.

How to Start Lights, Camera, Action Brooklyn Vision Mission in Spider-Man 2

To start the Lights, Camera, Action Brooklyn Vision mission, you’ll need to have completed the first Brooklyn Vision, BV Club Fair. This becomes available as Miles Morales after you finish the Amends main story mission.


Each location you’ll need to travel to for the Lights, Camera, Action mission will be in one of our image wheels, where you can see the exact location you need to go. Click the arrows under the image to see detailed photos of each location.

The Lights, Camera, Action mission is found at the Brooklyn Visions Academy in Williamsburg. See our map screenshot below for the exact location:

Once there, look for an NPC named Odyssey standing by some televisions on the east side of the building. Speak to them, and they’ll ask Spider-Man for help recovering a drone they were trying to film footage with for a school project.

All Lights, Camera, Action Mission Steps

  1. Check the tall building down the street.
  2. Interact with the broken drone.
  3. Get a nice shot of the BVA campus.
  4. Snap two more campus photographs.
  5. Take the following student life photos:
    • Drone Club.
    • Esports Team.
    • Greenhouse.
  6. Follow the camera drone without landing.

How to Complete Lights, Camera, Action and Get All Student Life Photos in Spider-Man 2

After speaking to Odyssey, head up to the roof of the tall building northeast of Brooklyn Visions Academy, the location of which you can see in our screenshot below:

Fix the Drone and Take a Photo of Campus

Interact with the broken drone on the roof, which is on some blue tarp next to a red painter’s ladder, and Odyssey will ask you to snap a photo of the Brooklyn Visions Academy campus while you’re up there. Go to the rooftop’s edge, facing the campus, and swipe up on the Touchpad to open the Camera. Get the campus in the frame, then press R1 to take a photograph.

Take Two More Campus Photos

Impressed, Odyssey will then request you take photos of the BVA campus from two other tall buildings in the area.

For the Photo Op to the southeast, you must stand on the building to the east of it rather than at the exact location. Snap a pic of the Brooklyn Visions Academy Recruitment Office to complete it.

The third Photo Op is west of the Recruitment Office. Swing on over to the tall building shown below, and land on the Swillco Berry billboard. Open your camera and take a photograph of the Brooklyn Visions Academy Quad.

Get Three Student Life Photographs

With the three campus photos taken, Odyssey will ask for another favor and wants a photo of the Drone Club, Esports Team, and Greenhouse.

Drone Club Photo

The Drone Club is on the football field southwest of the tall building with the Swillco Berry billboard, where you took the third campus photo. You’ll see four students flying drones here; stand directly in front of them and take a photograph to complete the Photo Op.

Esports Team Photo

The Esports Team is directly east of the football field where the Drone Club is. Actually finding the subject can be tricky, though, as they’re not outside—they’re actually inside the Brooklyn Visions Academy building.

Stand on the rooftop of the building shown in our screenshot below and look directly across into the big window to see the Esports Team mid-hardcore gaming session. Take a pic to finish the Photo Op.

Greenhouse Photo

For the final student life photo, head northeast of where you took the Esports Team picture and land on a rooftop filled with students. Here, you’ll find a yellow greenhouse. Photograph it, and you’re done! …Just kidding. Odyssey wants yet another favor. Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man? More like Friendly Neighborhood Errand Boy.

Follow Odyssey’s Drone Without Landing

Next, Odyssey requests your help capturing aerial footage of the BVA campus. Head west to a tall building (map screenshot below), where you’ll see yellow and blue smoke. Interact with the drone to start it up, and follow it around the campus by either flying with the Web Wings or swinging with Spider-Man’s regular R2 trigger webs.

You’ll need to follow the drone without landing once. If you accidentally land, you’ll fail and return to the rooftop, where you can try again. I found it easier to swing than use the Web Wings, but YMMV.

Once the drone lands, you’ll automatically return to where you originally spoke to Odyssey by the two TVs. They will thank you for your help and then ask you to do 10 hours of editing, which Miles politely declines (thank God) before the mission ends.

Lights, Camera, Action Mission Rewards in Spider-Man 2

You get the following rewards for completing the Lights, Camera, Action Brooklyn Visions in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2:

  • 8 City Tokens.
  • 80 Tech Parts.
  • 1,000 XP.

You may also hear a special thank you message from Odyssey on the Danikast podcast as you’re soaring around New York, where it’s revealed they got an A for their project thanks to your help.

If Lights, Camera, Action was the fourth Brooklyn Visions mission you completed in Spider-Man 2, you’ll then be able to move on to the last mission in the Brooklyn Vision questline, A Gift. You’ll be able to start A Gift after finishing up the Bad Guys on the Block main mission. Otherwise there are two other Brooklyn Visions missions you’ll want to complete as Miles: Senior Prank and Homecoming.

Now that you’ve finished Lights, Camera, Action, find out what happens when you collect all of Marko’s Memories in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2.

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