What is the Reward for Collecting Marko’s Memories in Spider-Man 2?

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Marko's Memories Spider-Man 2.
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After putting a stop to Sandman at the beginning of Spider-Man 2, you’re left with a new collectible around New York in the form of Mark’s Memories. With so many scattered around, you may want to know what rewards are in store for you before you start cracking crystals.

What do You Get for Completing Remember in Spider-Man 2?

The reward for collecting all of Marko’s Memories is 2,000 XP and 20 Crime Tokens. After you’ve finished the final step of the “Remember” mission, these rewards are given out, along with the Silver “Grains of Sand” trophy. As far as rewards go, these aren’t too extensive. However, 2,000 XP and 20 tokens is a decent score for upgrades down the line.

Marko's Memories completion.
Screenshot by Prima Games.

To get any real rewards though, you need to complete the full “Remember” mission. Collecting all 14 of Marko’s Memories won’t cut it. In Spider-Man 2, Sandman still needs you to make one final delivery with all of his crystals. The good news is it won’t take you long at all and the hardest battle has already been fought.

It would have been nice to earn a fresh suit or some Hero Tokens for collecting all 14 of the crystals. But beating on some weak sand guys wasn’t too difficult. The reward for the mission fits the difficulty, and it technically leads to some new skills for Peter and Miles. Without any way to respec in the game, getting all the XP you can makes a difference.

After you have all of Marko’s Memories and you give them to Keemia, there are still plenty of other collectibles around New York City. The rewards will likely be similar but that shouldn’t stop you from getting involved with the entire Spider-Man rogues gallery at any chance you get.

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