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Snover Evolution in Pokemon Sword and Shield

by Ginny Woo

With the Isle of Armor DLC for Pokemon Sword and Shield drawing ever closer, it’s about time that Trainers have started to build up their teams and to ensure that any gaps are being filled by Pokemon of the right Types. Alternatively, we’re also trying to be a little less lazy when it comes to our Pokedex completion. June 2020 is going to roll around quicker than we know! In the meantime, if you’re collecting some icy critters, check out our guide on Snover evolution in Pokemon Sword and Shield

Snover Evolution in Pokemon Sword and Shield

So, you want to evolve a Snover in Pokemon Sword and Shield? We’ve got you covered, mate. We’re veritable experts at this Galar evolution thing by now, whether or not it’s evolutions for critters like Applin which involve extra items (if you need a Tart Apple, we can help you with that) or just a matter of hitting the right level. If you don’t already have a Snover, you can pick one up from the following locations when the weather conditions are Snow or Hail:

  • Axew’s Eye
  • Dappled Grove
  • Dusty Bowl
  • East Lake Axewell
  • Giant’s Cap
  • Giant’s Mirror
  • Giant’s Seat
  • North Lake Miloch
  • South Lake Miloch
  • Watchtower Ruins

If you’re someone who has trouble getting the weather to be what you want, we actually have a guide on how to change said weather to make catching a Snover a little easier if you aren’t already in possession of one. We’ve relinked that guide here for your convenience. As long as you’ve got Snow or Hail in the locations above, it should be easy for you to net one. Now that you’ve got one, here’s how the process of Snover evolution in Pokemon Sword and Shield works: you just have to level your Snover to level 40 for it to turn into an Abomasnow. Yup, it’s that easy. Just make sure that it hits Level 40 and you’ll be all set. 

Now that you’ve got our advice on the process of Snover evolution in Pokemon Sword and Shield, it should be a little easier for you to get your mitts on an Abomasnow of your own. It honestly isn’t going to take you very much time at all, but once you’ve done this then you too can be the proud owner of a Yeti hybrid that looks like it’s angry about having way less fingers than it needs to get by in the wild. Need some help with something else in Pokemon Sword and Shield? Check out some other tips and tricks that we’ve prepared for Trainers like you in our dedicated guides hub for the title:

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