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Nintendo Reveals First Look at New Pokemon Sword and Shield DLC

by Liana Ruppert

For those that have been enjoying the newest Pokemon games to arrive on the Nintendo Switch, Nintendo revealed even more gaming goodness on the way during this year’s first Direct. They also gave us our first look at the upcoming Pokemon Sword and Shield DLC with a stunning, artistically styled, trailer showing off The Crown Tundra and the Isle of Armor. 

There are two versions of the expansion pass with each version matching each version of the game with different pocket monsters that will be available. The Isle of Armor is a new area off of the Galar region and comes with a new mentor by the name of Mustard, a true champion. There will be new rivals as well with poison-user Klara and psychic-type Avery, both designed to challenge player skill. 

Kubfu is one of the new pokemon introduced, a fighter-type that trains with the player to evolve into Urshifu under the mentorship of Mustard. Nintendo also confirmed that he has a Gigantamax form as well, making his evolution one that players can enjoy within the newest expansion coming later this year. 

The deep-dive trailer also talked about the new forms for the three new Pokemon introduced when Sword and Shield first dropped. But that’s just for Isle, here’s what The Crown Tundra has to offer. 

Tundra aims more with the goal of exploration and offers a silvery landscaped covered in snow. The ice-y terrain is more intimidating than that seen in Isle of Armor, but that doesn’t make it any less interesting. There will be new areas to explore and the player can become the leader of an exploratory team to find secrets hidden within the landscape. 

Calyrex is the new Legendary pokemon that was introduced, a psychic-type, grass-type creature that will unlock lore previously unknown. Nintendo also teased Legendary pokemon from previous games making an appearance with new forms, making it even more enticing to explore what this frozen tundra has to offer. 

The Isle of Armor will be available in June 2020 with the Crown Tundra in Fall 2020 as new Pokemon Sword and Shield DLC. You can check out both trailers in the livestream below (when it ends, we will replace it with the regular versions of the videos)

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