So, we've been pretty busy trying to acquire the most souped-up team possible for Pokemon Sword and Shield's DLC drop that's really only about three months away if the last Direct was anything to go by. Whether it's taking down the new Legendary birds or cracking into new Gym Leaders to take down, you're going to want to make sure that your squad is up to scratch. Part of that might be acquiring more Gigantamax Pokemon. Now, you might want to know whether breeding Gigantamax Pokemon in Pokemon Sword and Shield is doable - after all, wouldn't that be great? Well, you might not like what we have to say.

Breeding Gigantamax Pokemon in Pokemon Sword and Shield

So, you want to know whether or not breeding Gigantamax Pokemon in Pokemon Sword and Shield is possible. If it is, well, you'd hope it's a surefire way to get your hands on reliably souped-up Pokes. However, we're going to have to burst your bubble early. Gigantamax Pokemon are critters that get access to special G-Max Moves as part of their arsenal when they're Dynamaxed, which make them hit harder than other Pokemon. Basically, it's not just a case of looking different; they also play differently and are stronger. 

Unfortunately, breeding Gigantamax Pokemon in Pokemon Sword and Shield is currently impossible. Gigantamaxing isn't something that you can pass down from parent Pokemon to child at all, and it's been made clear by the team behind the game that the only way to get Gigantamax critters is to defeat them in Max Raid Battles. The game has a smattering of Wild Area Events that come around from time to time which will spawn more Gigantamax Pokemon, but outside of that method, you're going to be hard-pressed to get them. Unfortunately, breeding is a no-go.

Now that you know a little more about whether it's possible to undertake breeding of Gigantamax Pokemon in Pokemon Sword and Shield, you can refocus your efforts elsewhere when trying to acquire these rarer beasts. You're going to have to try twice as hard in Max Raids if you're really wanting to flesh out your collection with these Gigantamax mons, so you better get cracking. Need a hand with anything else while you kick around Galar? Why not check out these other tips and tricks that we've got put together for Trainers just like yourself?