This morning's Nintendo Direct showed off new DLC for Pokemon Sword and Shield, along with news of a Mystery Dungeon reboot. However, eagle-eyed fans who were frothing about the new Isle of Armor and Crown Tundra content may have noticed some familiar avian faces. It looks like we might see the return of Zapdos, Moltres, and Articuno, though the Pokemon Sword and Shield Legendary Bird trio has Galar forms now. This is what we can speculate so far.

Pokemon Sword and Shield Legendary Bird Trio Galar Forms - What We Know

From what was revealed in the Direct, there was a particular focus on Legendary Pokemon and rightfully so - there's a whole ton of them. However, what really drew our attention was the particular trio of Legendary birds who looked a whole lot like the series stalwarts from Pokemon Red and Blue. We've included pictures of them in this article so you can see for yourself, but the fact remains that this Pokemon Sword and Shield Legendary bird trio bears an uncanny resemblance to its Kanto counterpart.

We already know that the Galar region is home to variants of Pokemon from previous games. Who can forget the horror that is Galarian Meowth, or Galarian Corsola? Or, well, Farfetch'd? Now, it is looking increasingly possible that we're going to see a Pokemon Sword and Shield Legendary bird trio's Galar forms will just be those of the Generation 1 Legendaries - though younger fans might know them as the various mascots of the Pokemon GO factions. 

Judging by the art alone, it looks like the members of the Pokemon Sword and Shield Legendary bird trio in Galar form are going to retain the same typing as their original Kanto selves, though they're going to take on a drastically different look. We wouldn't be surprised if they also received a bit of an amped-up moveset to go along with this facelift, so stay tuned! We're definitely stoked to find out more about them. What do you think? If you're stoked to add Articuno, Moltres, and Zapdos to your team then let us know on Twitter at @PrimaGames.

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