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Should you Play Hogwarts Legacy on PC or Xbox Series X and S?

House PC or House Xbox

by Nikola "Nick" Jovanovic
Should you Play Hogwarts Legacy on PC or Xbox Series X and S

Choosing to play on Xbox or PC is a very tough decision, especially when we consider things like Game Pass. However, since Hogwarts Legacy isn’t on it, many Xbox and PC players are wondering which system is better to get the new Wizarding World simulator for. So, should you play Hogwarts Legacy on PC or on Xbox Series X|S?

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Should you Play Hogwarts Legacy on PC or Xbox Series X and S?

Let’s find out all the pros and cons of the Xbox Series X and S versus the PC in Hogwarts Legacy.

Hogwarts Legacy PC vs Xbox – Features

The PC and Xbox versions are identical in terms of content, if you want extra stuff, you will have to get the PlayStation version, which has 1-year exclusivity period for all of the additional content, some of which is available from day one. So, on PC or Xbox, it doesn’t matter – you get the same game and need to wait until February 2024 for bonus quests, shops, and whatnot, all the same.

Hogwarts Legacy PC vs Xbox – Graphics and Performance

The Xbox Series X has five different graphics modes, you can find more about them here, while the PC gives you even greater freedom in fine-tuning the graphics. The biggest difference here comes with the Xbox Series S console, which does not support Ray Tracing at all. Xbox Series X does, but only in Fidelity with Ray Tracing mode, which caps the frame rate at 30, while on the PC, in theory, if you have powerful enough hardware, you can achieve a much higher frame rate with Ray Tracing enabled. Also, the PC version supports DLSS so achieving better performance with Ray Tracing even on not-so-powerful machines isn’t out of reach.

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The only problem is, the Ray Tracing effect is very noisy – even in the PC version, it doesn’t look like the best implementation of this tech ever, so even if you play without it, you won’t miss much. Hogwarts Legacy certainly looks beautiful even with those default pre-baked lighting effects.

Hogwarts Legacy PC vs Xbox – Price

The PC version is $10 cheaper! And for that extra $10 you can get the Deluxe Edition, while on Xbox, the Standard next-gen version for Series X|S costs $69.99, while the Xbox One last-gen version is $59.99. So basically, on PC you are paying the last-gen price and getting a next-gen experience (if your hardware can support it).

Hogwarts Legacy PC vs Xbox – Verdict

So, PC or Xbox for Hogwarts Legacy? Here the answer is much simpler – if you have a beefy PC that can push out a better performance than the Xbox Series X and you don’t mind playing on a monitor or transferring the image to a big TV and hooking up a controller, the choice is clear. Otherwise, you’ll do better with the console, and even the Series S manages to cope with the game quite solidly, probably better than some low-end PC machines.

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