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How to View your FPS in Hogwarts Legacy

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by Matt Vatankhah
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Hogwarts Legacy has finally arrived, and students arriving to the Wizarding World through PC platforms are working their magic to ensure they have the best performance possible for their playthroughs. Though, discourse through various online forums shows that many PC players are suffering from poor performance, including dropped frames and graphical stuttering. Tinkering with your graphic and video settings is the most reliable way to ensure you have the smoothest experience with any PC game, and Hogwarts Legacy is no different. Wondering just how well your system is performing? Here’s how to view your FPS in Hogwarts Legacy.

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How to View your FPS in Hogwarts Legacy

Depending on the platform you choose to play on, you can follow the appropriate steps to see your FPS while playing Hogwarts Legacy.

Hogwarts Legacy – Steam Version

  • Open the Steam client, and click Steam in the upper-left corner
  • Click the Settings menu
  • In Settings, click the In-Game tab on the left
  • Find the In-Game FPS Counter and select where you’d like it to display
  • Click OK, then restart Steam

The next time you launch Hogwarts Legacy, you should see Steam’s in-game FPS overlay at all times.

Hogwarts Legacy – Epic Games Version

The Epic Games client doesn’t have an in-game FPS overlay the way Steam does, but you can use your GPU software to make up for it.

  • For NVIDIA Users:
    • Open Nvidia GeForce Experience and click the Settings icon
    • Select the General tab
    • For In-Game Overlay, change it to On
    • Go to Settings and click on HUD Layout
    • Select Performance, select FPS, and choose where you’d like the overlay to display
    • Click Done and close the program
  • For AMD Users:
    • Open AMD Adrenalin and select the Performance tab
    • For Show Metrics Overlay, toggle to Enabled

Upon launching Hogwarts Legacy again, you should see your FPS counter overlay at the location you chose.

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