Is Hogwarts Legacy Steam Deck Performance Good? – Answered

Hogwarts Legacy on the go, yes or no?

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Steam Deck is a portable console choice for many gamers worldwide and it is consistently getting more and more titles, including a lot of new games which are available on Steam Deck from day one. A lot of Harry Potter fans who own a Steam Deck are wondering if Hogwarts Legacy is available on Steam Deck, and if its performance is good, because of what’s being said about the PC performance of Hogwarts Legacy nowadays.

Is Hogwarts Legacy Steam Deck Verified?

Yes, Hogwarts Legacy is Steam Deck Verified and is fully compatible with the platform. Hooray! Find out below how Steam Deck fares against PC in terms of the performance of the game on these two platforms.

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However, there is a concern that many players will have when playing Hogwarts Legacy away from the power socket and, of course, that’s the Battery Life of your Steam Deck. We have an article about that if you need it:

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How Well Does Hogwarts Legacy Perform on Steam Deck?

Judging by the current information available online, Hogwarts Legacy runs very well on Steam Deck, with a stable 30 FPS on a 720p resolution (technically, 1200×800 which is the resolution of a Steam Deck device, but that’s about it, 720p is the closest approximation). The FPS counter will sometimes reach 60 FPS, in areas where there’s not a lot of strain on Steam Deck’s GPU, such as some cutscenes, or gameplay in closed areas such as small rooms. The open-world area might sometimes show some performance hits in rare cases, but other than that, the community’s feedback is fairly positive on the matter.

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If you like playing Hogwarts Legacy and are in need of some guides, feel free to search them up on Prima Games or start browsing through the Hogwarts Legacy game tag. We hope to see you soon!

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