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Is Hogwarts Legacy PC Performance Good? – Answered

Why do PC players always have it rough?

by Nikola L
Hogwarts Legacy Update Patch

Being a PC Gamer involves some tough love, but comes with a decent list of advantages as well. As for Hogwarts Legacy, there are mixed results when it comes to PC performance. We have scoured the internet for community feedback regarding the PC performance of Hogwarts Legacy, and we are bringing you a digest of what we have found. So, is Hogwarts Legacy PC performance good?

How Good Is Hogwarts Legacy Performance on PC?

You are probably here because you’ve heard some information about the day one PC performance of Hogwarts Legacy and sadly, this seems to be true for the most part. It escapes me why the PC gaming community keeps letting these botched launches slide for probably over a decade now. I do not know the reason why most games are being pushed out of the oven prematurely, half-baked, unfinished, you choose the term. I do not know if this is due to the pressure from the investors, publishers, and dev teams being understaffed in various departments, or just a general “nobody cares, we’ll maybe patch it later, grab the cash now” mantra but it’s kind of ruining gaming when you can’t really enjoy the product you bought. No wonder some players have completely moved to the Indie and Retro gaming scenes.

Avalanche Studios probably has an avalanche in their office now and are hopefully scrambling to patch this as soon as possible. Mind you, the game was already delayed long enough.

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After browsing through a lot of reviews, Reddit rants, and Twitter threads I have established that there’s a lot of people complaining about a variety of problems, not limited to but including:

  • FPS drops, especially in the outdoor areas. There are reports of rigs with GeForce GTX 3080 stuttering at high resolutions such as 2K and 4K, but the graphics (FPS) being manageable at 1080p (which is still, technically, a widely-adopted standard).
  • General gameplay bugs

Some players even make claims that the launch of Hogwarts Legacy is worse than the Cyberpunk 2077 launch.

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This article is originally written on February 7, and we’re sure that a patch (or a couple of them) will arrive fairly shortly, and that a driver update might be released by the GPU manufacturers which will smooth things out. We will monitor the situation and update the article accordingly when the situation improves.

In the meantime, feel free to check out our other stuff on Hogwarts Legacy, we are in the process of writing many guides for the game. See you soon at Prima Games!

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