Should You Choose Evelyn or Dex in Cyberpunk 2077?

Snitches get... big payouts?

In Night City, money reigns supreme. And as a mercenary, you’re tugged along on a variety of jobs that can fill your bank account. But when Evelyn offers you a chance to cut out the fixer Dexter, you’ll be faced with a real conundrum. So, should you side with Evelyn or Dex in Cyberpunk 2077?

Should You Take Evelyn’s Deal in Cyberpunk 2077?

You’ll meet Evelyn in the main mission, The Informant. And she has a deal for you. Since the two of you are doing all the hard work, why should Dex, the Fixer, profit? She wants you to cut him out of the deal entirely. Can you blame her? After watching that Braindance, it’s clear that she went the extra mile. While Dex mostly sat in his car connecting dots and people.

But should you take Evelyn’s deal?

Well, you can’t cut Dex out of the deal. But you can leverage Evelyn’s treachery to get yourself a higher cut.

As you progress through the heist questline, you’ll eventually meet with Dexter and T-bug in the Afterlife, a club that used to be a mortuary. There, you can mention to Dexter that Evelyn intended to cut him out of the deal. Jackie will laugh nervously, but Dex takes it well.

He’ll even offer you 40% of the cut, which is 10% more than he’d give to newbies on missions like these. But to trigger this, you’ll have to tell him, “Appreciation still falls short,” when he thanks you for your honesty.

He’ll agree and up the amount by 10%.

This won’t impact Evelyn, as Dex won’t even be bad about it. But, without going into spoilers, it really doesn’t matter who you decide to side with. This questline ends exactly the same way, whether you tell Dex the truth or opt to keep her little proposition to yourself.

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