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Resident Evil 7 – How to Get the True Ending of the Daughters DLC Tape

by Josh Hawkins

The second piece of DLC for Resident Evil 7 has arrived on PlayStation 4, bringing with it two new tapes and an all-new game mode for players to try out. In this article we’ll be walking you through the Daughters tape, which features two distinctive endings. Completing both endings of the Daughters DLC will reward you with the Butterfly Effect and One Instinct: Survival trophies. Be sure to follow the information provided below and you’ll be able to acquire both endings and beat the Daughters DLC.

In the Daughters DLC, players take on the role of Zoe Baker as she lives through the events of the night that everything around the Baker house changed. With the hurricane bearing down on them, Jack Baker returns to the house carrying a little girl, Eveline. Soon after things begin to go awry, and Zoe soon finds herself thrust into the middle of a horror story.

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How to Complete Daughters

Once the DLC starts and you gain control of Zoe, follow Jack as he brings Eveline in. After a few moments of talking, Jack will exit, and Marguerite will make her way towards the kitchen. At this point, stick close to Lucas and watch as he sits down at the table, his phone in hand. Pay careful attention to the password he puts in on the screen.

Take note of the password, then head past Marguerite and into the through the door that leads to the pantry area. Here you’ll find the small hole that leads to the crawlspace beneath the house. Drop inside and pick up the Lockpick on the ground.

Continue through the crawlspaces to the Laundry Room. Here you will find the Change of Clothes that Marguerite mentioned. Grab the clothes and make your way up the stairs to the second floor.

Before making your way to the Kid’s Room, instead dip into the bathroom and grab the Small Component out of the locked drawer.

Exit the bathroom and make your way to the Kid’s Room. Inside Jack will tell you to get Eveline changed into the fresh clothes. Wait for him to leave, then locate the small statue on the dresser to the right.

Use the Small Component to open up the ladder that leads to the attic. If you climb up the attic you will find a computer which uses the same password that you saw Lucas use to open his phone. This password is 1019.

Read the notes on the computer to learn up a red box on the veranda. This is an important clue for the true ending, so make sure to remember it.

Now head back down the ladder and interact with Eveline to push the story forward.

Once the power goes out, use the Lighter as a light source and make your way downstairs to investigate a loud noise. You’ll find Lucas on the floor.

After checking on Lucas, you’ll hear Marguerite talking to herself upstairs. Head up the stairs and into the bathroom to find her standing over the bathtub.

Listen to a bit of dialogue between Zoe and her mother and then Jack will enter the room and task you with finding some Rope in the Garage. Head down the stairs and enter the garage to find the Rope hanging on the shelf just in front of the door.

Head back up the stairs and into the bathroom. After an encounter with Jack and Marguerite, you’ll be forced to retreat down the hall. Make a run for it and enter the door that leads to the Recreation Room. Use the Rope on the door to barricade it.

Now it’s time to find a way out. Head into Grandma’s Room and look for the Fork on the desk.

With Fork in hand, head back into the Recreation Room and over to the boarded-up window with the yellow paint on it. You can use the Fork to open the window.

Climb out of the window to reach the veranda. Remember the red box that Lucas’ notes mentioned? Head down the veranda to the right and sneak through the small area to find the box.

Open the box and grab the Dog Head Relief inside. You’ll need this item for the true ending.

Sneak back through the narrow opening onto the main area of the veranda and pry the metal away from the side of the house to gain entry back inside.

Wait for Jack to leave the area and head into the Main Hall. Make sure to extinguish your lighter at this point.

Sneak past Marguerite towards the doors that leads back to the kitchen and living room to trigger a bit of dialogue. She’ll give you the Car Key and tell you to get away.

This is where the story diverges and how you react from here will determine the ending that you get.

How to Get the Bad Ending

To get the bad ending, turn away from Marguerite and run through the door towards the kitchen. You have the Car Key, so it’s time to make a beeline for the SUV in the Garage.

You’ll run into Jack along the way. To bypass him run into the Laundry Room and use the crawlspace to reach the pantry area, just outside the kitchen.

Now all that’s left to do is sneak past Jack and head into the Garage. Open the Garage door and climb into the SUV to trigger the Bad Ending.

How to Get the True Ending

If you want to get the true ending, you’re going to have to ignore the Car Key. After you receive the Car Key, instead make your way to the back door and use the Dog Head Relief. This will allow you access to the backyard.

Head out into the yard and make your way over to Zoe’s trailer. Enter the Trailer and you’ll find Mia’s body inside, as well as several notes. Read the notes to trigger the true ending of the Daughter’s DLC.

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