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Rebreather Not Working in COD DMZ? Here’s How to Fix it

Catch your breath.

by Daniel Wenerowicz
Private Exfil COD DMZ

Players who like to dive underwater for loot and Faction Missions were given a fantastic tool in the form of the Rebreather Field Upgrade. The fresh equipment in Call of Duty: DMZ Season 3 can allow players to breathe underwater for much longer now, but some Operators have been running into issues.

Using the equipment can get confusing and many Operators have claimed that they have drowned within the COD DMZ, despite attempting to use the oxygen they had. Our guide will cover how you can fix the Rebreather Field Upgrade and how the item should be used in COD DMZ.

Call of Duty DMZ – How to Use and Fix the Rebreather

Players who are running into issues with the new Field Upgrade have typically attempted to use the item as they were just about to run out of oxygen. That means waiting until the screen is going red so you can conserve as much of the item as possible. However, there seems to be a bug when waiting for red to appear. To play it safe, use the Rebreather just before the screen is going red and you’ll be able to avoid any issues with oxygen. I wouldn’t risk my loot for a couple of extra breaths.

Another issue is activating the equipment itself. Some players are diving deep underwater and attempting to use their oxygen just as they are about to die in the COD DMZ. As a Field Upgrade though, it needs to be activated before jumping into the water so that your Operator has oxygen at the ready. Have the upgrade equipped then dive for your loot or your mission.

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There are four uses for the Rebreather, so make sure to keep track of your uses as you swim. Sometimes the charges will bug as well, and you can resurface to reset the item, but this shouldn’t be as common. Remember that the Rebreather can’t be equipped by default in the COD DMZ either, so keep an eye out for more equipment as you loot.

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