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What Does the Comms Vest do in COD DMZ? – Answered

Comms or Stealth?

When Season 3 started, it seemed like the 3-Plate Stealth Vest would be the best option for a plate carrier due to the built-in Ghost Perk in the COD DMZ. However, plenty of players started prioritizing the 3-Plate Comms Vest over any other plate carrier in the game.

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Based on the name, it is hard to tell what the vest really does and why so many players would clamor to get one in the DMZ. I know that it is the first plate carrier that I work toward when I have no gear, and I would recommend that each squad has at least one, which I will explain in full detail, so you do not pick the wrong vest.

COD DMZ – What Does the Comms Vest Do?

Radar and UAV are the main reasons to pick up this plate carrier. We know those are already some of the best items to have in Ashika Island or Al Mazrah, but the 3-Plate Comms Vest makes them even better. All UAVs and Radar Towers will act as Advanced UAVs instead. Towers will also have a longer duration and a larger radius on the map, giving more control to squads.

On top of much better radar on standard UAVs, the Comms Vest will also ensure you are more aware of enemy squads at all times. Whenever an enemy Operator gets within 100 meters of you in COD DMZ, there will be an audible notification that enemies are nearby. This works as long as the vest is equipped and no UAV is required.

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What makes the 3-Plate Comms Vest better than the 3-Plate Stealth Vest is the fact that all UAVs used with the plate carrier on are turned into Advanced UAVs. Because the Stealth Vest can’t block the Advanced version, it makes the equipment almost entirely pointless. For that reason, you should go for a Comms Vest at any chance you have in the DMZ.

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