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How to Get a Scavenger Backpack in COD DMZ

Loot goblins welcome.

by Daniel Wenerowicz
Scavenger COD DMZ

Two new backpacks were added to the Call of Duty DMZ with the Season 3 update and the standard Large Backpack is no longer the only inventory option when looking for good loot. Players who value missions can go for the Secured Backpack, and players who enjoy looting can pick up the Scavenger Backpack.

Either way, the changes to equipment additions in COD DMZ Season 3 have allowed players to choose more specific builds. I have used the Scavenger Backpack to stock up on as many supplies as I can when I do not care for a third weapon, and I will go over how you can get your hands on one as well.

COD DMZ – How to Get a Scavenger Backpack

Like many items in the DMZ, there is a way to earn the new backpacks by going after the Season 3 bosses. Both the Pyro and the Scavenger boss were added to Al Mazrah in Season 3, and it is the Scavenger specifically that has a high chance of dropping one of the new backpacks. This boss can be found in Ashika Island as well, which means both maps are viable.

To find the Scavenger boss and claim the Scavenger Backpack, you need to find one of the Operators that was eliminated first in the match. The boss will appear shortly after their elimination to steal their dog tags. If you are in the vicinity, the game will notify you and the battle can begin. With any luck, the backpack is yours.

There is also the option to craft the Scavenger Backpack in COD DMZ if you do not feel like fighting a boss or searching hundreds of crates in hopes of really high luck. Using the Barter System is a great way to craft plenty of gear in the mode.

Scavenger Backpack Barter Recipe:

  • 1 Battery
  • 1 Canned Foods
  • 2 Gun Cleaning Oil

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While each of those components is considered uncommon, they can feel more like rare items. I have spent ten minutes at a time in the past searching for a single battery. As long as you search around populated areas like Al-Mazrah City, all of these should be easy to find, and the COD DMZ Scavenger Backpack will be a breeze to equip.

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