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Raft: How to Get the Diving Helmet

Sick of diving without appropriate gear? Look no further!

by Nikola L

There are many helmets, hats, and other headwear that you can obtain in Raft: The Final Chapter, and the Diving Helmet is one of the most popular ones. Getting is fairly simple, even though it requires some time investment, but worry not – you’re in for a treat. Here’s how to get the Diving Helmet in Raft.

How to Buy the Diving Helmet in Raft: The Final Chapter

In order to get the Diving Helmet, you need to head out to a Trading Post. Trading Posts are usually found on big islands and should be very easy to spot since there’s a light show around them.

Once you get to one, you will see your reputation with the Trading Post. To get a Diving Helmet, you need to be a Tier 3. If you’re not there yet, it’s fairly simple to raise your reputation Tier. You should buy special Bait from the store and use it to catch rare and special fish that can only be caught with the purchased bait.

There are three types of bait (Simple Fishing Bait, Advanced Fishing Bait, and Expert Fishing Bait) and they are designed to catch Tier 1, Tier 2, and Tier 3 rare fish. Before you can buy bait though, you’ll need to get some Trash Cubes with the Recycler. Be sure to follow the storyline around Radio Tower to unlock the Recycler if you haven’t done so already – the Recycler Blueprint should be on top of the Radio Tower.

When you sell the fish to the Trading Post, you’ll get Trade Coins. The bigger the Tier, the more reputation you get.

After reaching Tier 3, it’s possible to purchase a Diving Helmet, among other cool headwear items such as the Fishing Hat, Sunglasses, and Pirate Hat. The Diving Helmet will cost you six Trash Cubes and six Trade Coins.

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