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How to Get Detailed Planks in Raft

Here is how to get detail planks in Raft.

by Jesse Vitelli

Raft is a survival game that requires you to constantly build a raft as your sail through the ocean. A nasty shark will be consistently taking large bites out of your little boat. So having a plethora of materials to keep building it out and repairing is key. What’s a good raft without some decorations though? Here is how to get detailed planks in Raft.

How to Get Detailed Planks in Raft

Detail Planks are a decoration item in Raft. In order to start crafting them, you’ll need to first acquire the Detail Planks Blueprint. You can purchase it by visiting the Trading post at Tier 3. You’ll then need eight trash cubes and 12 trade coins to purchase the blueprint.

In order to obtain trade coins, you’ll need to sell rare fish to the same trading posts. Depending on the rarity of the fish it will determine how many coins you’re given. The rarer the fish, the more trade coins you’ll receive.

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If you’re looking to get enough trash cubes, you’ll need to toss a bunch of materials into the recycler. This will then begin to make trash cubes. These are easy to make in large quantities so you probably already have a decent amount of them.

Once you have the required currencies just go spend them at the Tier 3 Trading post and grab the blueprint.

Crafting the Detail Plank just requires ten normal planks. So if you’re looking to craft a lot of Detail Planks you’ll need to start acquiring even more regular planks.

That’s everything you need to know about how to get Detail Planks in Raft. If you’re looking for more items and food to get in Raft, have you considered making a smoothie? We have the full recipe list.

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