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All Raft Hidden Achievements and How to Unlock Them

Here are all of the hidden achievements in Raft and how to get them.

by Jesse Vitelli

Raft is a survival game that sets players out to sea with nothing but a, well, raft! You’ll need to collect resources and do your typical survival game loops. Build one thing to craft something bigger and so on. Raft is available on Steam and comes with a load of achievements to get. Here are all of the hidden achievements in Raft and how to get them.

All Raft Hidden Achievements and How to Unlock Them

First off, most of these hidden achievements are actually very easy to get. Especially if you make a bunch of new games dedicated to getting each one. This way you don’t mess up your primary save and risk losing stuff while trying to complete some of them.

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An Ocean Cemetery – Die 25 Times

This one is pretty self-explanatory, simply kill yourself 25 times. You can drown, get killed by a shark, or light yourself on fire. Whatever you want! Just do it 25 times and this achievement is yours.

Exploring The Depths – Dive 100m

This achievement is one we recommend making a new save for. Chances are you won’t make it back to the surface from a 100m dive. However, if you craft some flippers and an oxygen tank, you’ll certainly make it to 100m. If you want to do it on your main save, just be sure to really time it out.

Not a Great Landing – Discover a Crashed Plane

This one is tricky because it’s all luck-based. You’ll need to find a small island with a crashed plane. You’ll notice some different vegetation on the island to mark its significance, but otherwise, you’re just going to need to continually sail to the different small islands until you find it.

Is There a Utopia – Find the Whiteboard at The Radio Tower

This is definitely the most involved on the list. This will require building three antennas and a receiver. You’ll need to do this on a pretty large island because the antennas need a decent amount of distance between them. They also need to be pretty high up so building some stairs and flooring is key. Once you have all three placed and the receiver, craft a battery to power everything.

From here the receiver should tell you if the antennas need to be readjusted or if you’re all good. You’ll see a green dot on your radar indicating the radio tower. Sail over there and go inside to find the whiteboard.

This Goes Here – Place or break 100 blocks

For this one, you just need to remove and place an object 100 times. It can be different objects, but the easiest way is to hit the remove key and then form your inventory and place it again. Keep doing this and you’ll have the achievement in no time.

O, Captain! my Captain? – Reach Captains Island

This one is another luck-based achievement. You’ll need to find two matching small islands each with its own attraction. One will have a boat and a plane. If you’ve already found the plane when trying to get the “Not a Great Landing” achievement, then you only need to find the boat. The islands are a matching pair so if you’ve found one, the other should be close by.

Artistic Collection – Find All Developer Paintings

For this, you’ll need to find and hang up all of the developer paintings hidden around the game. This can be done by using your metal detector to find hidden treasures. If you find a suitcase you should save the game prior to opening it. The contents of it are generated upon opening and not prior. Meaning you can farm each one for the desired painting as long as you’ve been keeping track of which one you still need.

  • Small islands contain one treasure
  • Large Islands contain two treasures
  • Balboa Islands contain anywhere from 3-6 treasures

Former Glory – Find Four Tiki Pieces

You’ll need to do more treasure hunting for this one. Find four different tiki pieces and assemble them to greater a tiki pole. Once you’ve done this you’ll be able to grab a mask on the back of the pole for the achievement. You can’t use a save exploit on this so you’ll need to just keep collecting until you have them all.

Instrumentalist – Play the Piano

You’ll need to play the piano, which can be purchased from a vendor. The Tangaroa vendor is found at the end of chapter 2. It’s a large city and inside the city, the piano vendor can be found. It will cost eight Tangaroa Tokens.

You Should Not Be Here – Visit the 20th Floor of Tangaroa

To do this, head to the elevator inside the Plantation. A small round button can be found on the top left of the door frame. Click it and you’ll head to the 20th floor and get the achievement.

Boxed In – Find The Room Under the Crane

Go to the Cargo Bay Area and weave your way through the boxes. You’ll find a path underneath the crane and get the achievement. If you’re here when the room has been flooded, you can move the crates out of the way instead to find the room.

The Renovator – Unlock all Recipes from the Decorator Packages

You’ll need to unlock 66 different recipes in order to obtain this achievement. If you hook floating barrels in on your raft you can get one package from each. It will take some time, but it’s the most consistent way to do this.

Well, that’s everything you need to know about how to get the hidden achievements in Raft.

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