Pokemon Sword and Shield Gym Order

Picking up the game for the first time and trying to figure out what to tackle in what order, our guide to the Pokemon Sword and Shield gym order should be helpful.

Pokemon Sword and Shield has eight gym leaders, each with special puzzles, abilities, and level caps. Beating all the Pokemon Sword and Shield gym leaders is necessary to complete the main storyline. Below, we have listed all the important information you’ll need, as well as the complete gym order in Pokemon Sword and Shield.

All Pokemon Sword and Shield Gyms and Leaders

With there being different gym leaders between the versions, we can see how you might be needing some help keeping it all straight. Here’s our Pokemon Sword and Shield gym order list in one handy place for you. 

So, you’re curious about how the gyms shake out in Galar? We don’t blame you. Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield have some notable differences that don’t just come down to the different types of Pokemon in them – we’re also talking the Gym Leaders that are available as part of the main campaign.

Yes, there are Sword versus Shield-specific variants when it comes to who you encounter. We’ve listed out the order of the gyms in Pokemon Sword and Shield below for your reference, including the instances where they diverge:

Pokemon Sword and Shield Gym Order

  • Turffield Gym Leader Milo – Grass Type – Level 19 to 20
  • Hulbury Gym Leader Nessa – Water Type – Level 22 to 24
  • Motostoke Gym Leader Kabul – Fire Type – Level 25
  • Stow-on-Side Gym Leader Bea (Sword) – Fighting Type – Level 34 to 36
  • Stow-on-Side Gym Leader Allister (Shield) – Ghost Type – Level 34 to 36
  • Ballonlea Gym Leader Opal – Fairy Type – Level 36 to 38
  • Circhester Gym Leader Gordie (Sword) – Rock Type – Level 40 to 42
  • Circhester Gym Leader Melony (Shield) – Ice Type – Level 40 to 42
  • Spikemuth Gym Leader Piers – Dark Type – Level 44 to 46
  • Hammerlocke Gym Leader Raihan – Dragon Type – Level 46 to 48

Now that you have our Pokemon Sword and Shield gym order list, you can better prepare your teams for some of the fights that are ahead.

We reckon it’s an advantage to know what type you’re going to be up against, and honestly, it even helps to know what you’re going to get asked when you come up against a trickster like Opal when taking on her Fairy gym quiz – we’ve even got a guide here to the answers if you get stuck.

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