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PlayStation VR Guide – How to Set Up PSVR

by Bryan Dawson

The PlayStation VR launches this week on October 13, 2016. To help new owners get a handling on the hardware we’re walking you through the PSVR setup process to help you configure the PSVR and make sure everything is working properly. If you’re having trouble getting the PSVR to work, check out the steps below in this guide before you return the unit to the store.

Quick Setup Guide

  • Turn off your TV and PS4.
  • Slide back the cover on the Processor Unit.
  • Connect the HDMI cable from the HDMI PS4 port on the Processor Unit to the back of your PS4.
  • Connect your original PS4 HDMI (or any HDMI cable) cable from the TV to the HDMI TV port on the Processor Unit.
  • Connect the included USB cable with the small end going into the Processor Unit and the large end connecting to one of the PS4 console USB ports.
  • Connect the included VR Headset Connection Cable into the Processor Unit and VR Headset, using the symbols to align the cable properly.
  • Connect the PlayStation Camera to the AUX port on the PS4 and place it on top or directly above the TV.
  • Power on the TV, then the PlayStation 4, and finally the PSVR via the Inline Remote.
  • Plug in the PlayStation Move controller and pair it to the PS4 if need be, then download the PSVR update when prompted.

Getting Started

Before you hook up the PSVR make sure your PlayStation 4 console and television are both turned off. You may want to take this opportunity to dust off the PS4 if you haven’t already. If you’re anything like us, your PS4 hasn’t moved much since it was initially hooked up. We’ve already covered what you need to make the PSVR work, as well as a listing of what’s included in the box, so make sure you check that out if you’re unsure.

Processor Unit

Included in the packaging with the PSVR is the Processor Unit. This looks like a thin black box that connects to your PlayStation 4. There’s a cover on the front right side of the Processor Unit that slides back to reveal the interface ports. Slide the cover back and connect the included HDMI cable from the port on the Processor Unit marked “HDMI PS4” to the back of the PlayStation 4 console. You will need to remove the existing HDMI cable from your PS4 to do this, but do not disconnect it from your TV.

Take the HDMI cable that was originally running from your PS4 to the TV, and connect it to the ported marked “HDMI TV” on the Processor Unit. At this point you should have two HDMI cables connected. One should be running from the HDMI PS4 port on the Processor Unit to the PS4 console, and the other should be running from the HDMI TV port on the Processor Unit to your television.

Find the USB cable and AC power unit that came packaged with your PSVR. You’ll notice one end of the USB cable is smaller than the other. Plug the smaller end into the Processor Unit and the larger end into one of the USB ports on the PS4 console. Connect the AC power unit from the Processor Unit to a wall outlet, surge protector or power strip of some sort.

VR Headset

Locate the VR Headset Connection Cable and plug it into the front of the Processor Unit. It only goes in one way so make sure you match up the symbols to ensure it’s lined up correctly. Plug the other end of the Connection Cable into the VR Headset, once again using the symbols to make sure it’s aligned properly. Once you’re ready, remove the two thin lens covers inside the PSVR helmet.

PlayStation Camera

If you don’t already have a PlayStation Camera attached to your PS4, connect it to the AUX port on the back of the PlayStation 4 console. Ideally you want to place the PS Camera directly above your TV, laying it on top of the TV if applicable. Just like the Kinect camera with the Xbox 360 and Xbox One, you need to make sure nothing is blocking the view of the PS Camera so it can see you where ever you plan to sit while using the PSVR.

You’re now ready to turn everything on. Power on the TV first, then the PlayStation 4, and finally the PSVR. If you can’t find the power button for PSVR, it’s located on the Inline Remote.

PlayStation Move

Once everything is on, plug in the PS Move controller using one of the remaining USB ports on the PlayStation 4. Press and hold the PS button on the PS Move controller until it is paired with your PS4 console. You can now remove the USB cable and you’re almost ready to start enjoying some great PSVR titles.

At this point you’re pretty much ready to go, but before you can start playing you will need to download an update. The PlayStation 4 will prompt you to download the update once you power on the PSVR and PlayStation 4 console.

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