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Will Party Animals be on Game Pass - Answered

Updated November 1, 2023: Our corgis looked for new codes everywhere!

Party Animals has to be one of the most adorable games available on the market, but behind the mask of cuteness are some creatures that aren’t afraid to throw hands. In this hilarious multiplayer battle game, you’ll need to use all of your wits and knowledge to ensure that you can always bring down your enemies. But, if you’re not looking your best, what’s the point? Beyond the fantastic combat and wiggly, jiggly physics, you can get plenty of adorable cosmetics for your little buddies, so let’s find out how to redeem a code and get some freebies in Party Animals.

All Currently Available Codes For Party Animals

Below, you’ll find a list of all the currently available Party Animals codes, alongside a few questions asked by players and community members.

All Party Animals Codes (Working)

  • JOSHANDKATO: Rewards Kato Skin
  • BEARDBOX: Rewards Kiko Skin

All Party Animals Codes (Expired)

  • There are no expired codes for Party Animals as of the time of writing

How Do I Redeem A Code In Party Animals?

To redeem a code in Party Animals, follow these simple steps:

  • Launch Party Animals on your platform of choice
  • From the Main Menu, select Item Shop
  • Once inside the Item Shop, select Redeem
  • Click to enter the Code Redemption prompt
  • Enter any of the codes from the list above
  • Click Redeem to get your free items
  • Repeat this process until all items have been claimed
  • Press the Back Button specified on the bottom of the screen to return to the Item Shop/Main Menu

You may receive a network error after attempting to redeem a code. If this happens, keep trying until it successfully redeems!

Why Are My Party Animals Codes Not Working?

When entering codes into Party Animals, you’ll need to ensure that you’re following the exact format as the developers specified. That means that you’ll want to ensure that you’re following the proper capitalization and spelling, and making sure that you’re putting everything right where it belongs. If you’re having trouble redeeming your codes, make sure that you copy and paste them directly from our page (if you’re playing on a PC, that is).

Where Can I Get More Codes For Party Animals?

If you’re hoping to get your hands on as many codes as possible for Party Animals, you’ve come to the right spot. Be sure to bookmark our page and check back often so you’ve always got an up-to-date list of all the codes available for this game. If you’re hoping to find some codes on your own, however, be sure to check out the following spots:

Tweet via @JoshAndKato via X (formerly known as Twitter)

It seems that Party Animals is also collaborating with adorable animal accounts, such as @JoshAndKato to provide free skins available for players to use. Make sure that you’re keeping an eye on your favorite animal’s socials to get your free codes for this adorable battle game.

Does Party Animals Feature Offline Play On Xbox & PC?

If you’re hoping to partake in some epic adventures with your friends and battle it out at home, you’ll be happy to know that there are offline options available for you to experience. However, there are a few stipulations that may make things difficult, so be sure to check out our Offline Multiplayer guide here to learn everything possible about this one before jumping in.

No matter if you love playing games like Gang Beasts, or you’re just a fan of watching adorable creatures beat the everliving fluff out of one another, Party Animals is the game for you. Be sure to check out our section below to get your hands on plenty of helpful tips and tricks to keep your adventures fresh.

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