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Does Party Animals Have Offline Mode? – Answered

Can you beat up your friends at home?

Party Animals looks like it could be the stress relief we all need right now, but there may be a few reasons that it’s causing more stress than enjoyment at the moment. While fans have been ravenously waiting for this particular animal-themed brawler to release, it looks like some fans are running into issues trying to play it with their buddies, even at home. Let’s find out if there is a reason that this is happening or if it’s just some launch day issues.

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Can You Play Party Animals Offline?

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Right now, it looks like there is no official offline mode, especially when checking into reviews. Countless players have mentioned that there are queue times when trying to play locally, causing more arguments between friends than there are on the battlefield. While the game is gorgeous and looks adorable, having to wait over 10 minutes to play an “offline” local game sounds miserable.

In my testing, however, I was able to launch into a multiplayer game with myself and my wife quickly without needing to wait in the queue, as described above. However, it was noticed that even offline multiplayer does need to start an online queue up, which is rather unfortunate. Hopefully, the developers take quick action to help keep this game afloat.

Why Does Party Animals Have Mostly Negative Reviews on Steam?

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If you take a second to browse through the Party Animals Steam Page, you may notice that it’s currently sitting at a “Mostly Negative” at the moment. This seems to be also due to the inclusion of “online and offline” listed in the description, while this game still requires you to be online even to partake in offline battles. Even if you’re playing with friends, it seems that you’ll need to be online to play any mode offline at this point.

No matter if you’re hoping to find out what kind of animals await you when you jump into the world of Party Animals or already have your main picked out, be sure to check out our Party Animals section below to get your hands or in this case, paws, on all of the information you may need before you engage in the battle of a lifetime.

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