Palia: How to Catch Yellow Perch

It's time for another fishing trip to Bahari Bay!

Out of the several relaxing activities players can try in Palia, fishing is one of the best due to the variety of species one can catch and the excuse it gives players to traverse more of Palia’s world. If you want a fishing trip with easy prey or want your aquarium to feature some yellow, consider trying to reel in the Yellow Perch. Fortunately, this fish becomes even easier to catch in Palia with accurate knowledge of when and where to find it.

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Catching the Yellow Perch

To catch the Yellow Perch, players need to travel to Bahari Bay and locate one of the area’s rivers. Yellow Perch can be captured at any time of day and requires no bait, so you can start your fishing trip as soon as you’re in the mood. To reach Bahari Bay, travel east on the Kilima Valley map. Once there, open the map and pick your river of choice to start fishing.

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Moreover, Yellow Perch is a common type of fish in Palia, so it shouldn’t take long for you to catch one. It only took me about three minutes to reel one in once I chose a river. Lastly, even if you’re not a fish collector or already have your fill of aquariums, you can sell Yellow Perch for an excellent price. A base Yellow Perch goes for 21 gold coins, and a quality Yellow Perch will grant you 31 gold coins.

If catching the Yellow Perch didn’t leave you satisfied, and you’re interested in catching more elusive fish, here’s how to catch a Shimmerfin in Palia. If you’re tired of fishing but still up for a challenge in Bahari Bay, consider bug hunting and check out this guide on how to capture an Inky Dragonfly.

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