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If you’ve been wanting a fishing challenge, look no further. Of the several elusive fish players can catch in Palia, the Mutated Angler is amongst the most difficult. The mutant falls under the rare type of Palia fish and makes players work to not only catch but also find it. Fortunately, this search will become easier if you know where to find the Mutated Angler and what you need ahead of time.

Where to Catch the Mutated Angler in Palia – Exact Location

Players must travel to the caves in Kilima Village or Bahari Bay and use worms as bait to catch the Mutated Angler fish. Fortunately, the fish can be caught at any time of day, so feel free to begin your hunt as soon as you have worms and know what caves you want to search.

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An example of a cave you can visit is the Pavel Mines in Bahari Bay, which are located above the entrance to Bahari Bay and in front of the Flooded Fortress. Once you’ve found a cave, prepare to hunker down for some time. Even if you have all the right preparations, you may need to throw your reel out a few times, considering Mutated Angler fish are a rare type.

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If you have the time, it may be worth improving your fishing rod beforehand to increase your chances of a successful capture. The time will be worth it, as a basic Mutated Angler can be sold for 145 gold coins. If you’re extra lucky (or patient), a quality Mutated Angler can earn you 217 gold coins.

If you want to try capturing an easier prey than the Mutated Angler, try your hand at catching the Yellow Perch. If catching the Mutated Angler makes you want to take a break from fishing, consider tracking down the Heartdrop Lily flower for when you’re in the mood to woo a particular villager.

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