No Man's Sky is a game where there is an entire universe filled with things to discover and learn more about. One of these things is the Walker Brain component, which can be a valuable tool when it comes to crafting certain items. Are you interested in learning more about the Walker Brain in No Man's Sky? If so, you'll want to read up on everything you need to know about the No Man's Sky Walker Brain below.

No Man's Sky Walker Brain

This particular item is mainly used as a component for crafting other items. Players can obtain this crafting item by destroying the Combat Supplies containers which are dropped by Sentinal Walkers. 

You can see how the No Man's Sky Walker Brain looks in the image below:

No Man's Sky Walker Brain

There are a total of two items which require a No Man's Sky Walker Brain to craft. You can find these two items and their crafting requirements below:

  • Conflict Scanner - 1 Walker Brain and 1 Wiring Loom
  • Explosive Drones - 1 Walker Brain and 50 Gold

The knowledge of what precisely this No Man's Sky item is and how you can obtain it will be beneficial when it comes to adding plenty of conflict scanners and explosive drones to your No Man's Sky inventory. 

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