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New Marvel Snap Card – Howard the Duck – Showcase, Decks, Counters, and Synergies


The best friend of Iron Lad (speaking from terms of the card effects) and one of the best 1-Drops in the game is now available in Marvel Snap. Excitement is very high and I can’t wait to present the Duck superhero that has its own movie from about a quarter of a century ago and also makes a small appearance in the most recent Guardians of the Galaxy movie. Let’s check out what Howard the Duck does in Marvel Snap, what Decks can you play it in, what you can use it for, and finally, how you can counter it.

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Howard the Duck – New Marvel Snap Card Showcase

Let’s check out that “detective” outfit Howard the Duck has (we can’t wait to see what Variants will they make for him):

Screenshot by Prima Games

As you can see, I am unable to purchase any of the gorgeous items in the current line-up of my shop, indicating that (sadly) not all content creators have access to all of the new content (and High Evolutionary is coming as well). But, I’ll have to make due with the knowledge I have so far, as an experienced card game player, I guess. The Effect of Howard the Duck that goes with the 1-Cost, 2-Power stat line is quite nice:

Ongoing: Tap this to see the top card of your deck.

Pretty neat, huh?

How to Use Howard the Duck Effect in Marvel Snap

This is fairly easy. Tap (on mobile) or Click (on PC / Steam), and when the card is opened up, you can see the next card on the top of your deck, peeking behind the right edge of Howard the Duck. Same as when you’re browsing to check the Tokens the card is generating, Thanos’ stones…

Best Decks for Howard the Duck in Marvel Snap

There is no specific deck for Howard the Duck in Marvel Snap. There, I said it. Some people will advocate that it’s a good fit in the Spectrum Ongoing Deck (and I support that, given that the deck lacks low-cost Ongoing cards), but all in all, some control combo variants exist, that aim to abuse the synergy of Howard the Duck as much as possible, of which I will speak below.

So yeah, Zabu / Darkhawk decks are totally OK to add Howard the Duck in. Some people will play Howard in Galactus and Thanos Decks. Basically, it’s a freaking card game, every piece of information that you can get is of high value, and seeing one turn in the future is priceless. Here are a couple of decks for you to start the deckbuilding process.

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TLSG Howard the Duck Deck Code for Marvel Snap

Screenshot from

Me and TLSG think similarly in the base of this combo, but TLSG decided to incorporate the Moon Knight, Black Bolt, and Stature combo. I see this working well, but I would probably opt for the Sera variant without these excessive discards.

Galactus Howard the Duck Deck Code in Marvel Snap

I made you this deck, sadly I can’t test it because I dropped the idea of getting Galactus in favor of these cool new cards:

Screenshot from MarvelSnapZone

Fortune telling with such a delicate, procedural, combo deck is of great importance. It’s extremely useful to learn if you will have an important deck part in your hand next turn, and it will make a difference between snapping or retreating for you a lot of times.

Cerebro 2 Howard the Duck Deck in Marvel Snap

Here’s our detailed report on the Cerebro archetype. You can ditch Korg for Howard the Duck. Also, Luke Cage is now at 2 Power! You can toss him in as well, given how many Hazmats are being run. It will be sweet to know if you’ll have the Cerebro + Mystique combo before snapping.

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Synergies with Howard the Duck in Marvel Snap

Here’s what I’ve come up with:

  • Iron Lad – This goes without saying, really. You can almost “choose” which card you want to replicate!
  • Jubilee – With the recent fix, Jubilee will now always summon the card from the top of your deck and that’s what I immediately remembered. So, it might be worth tossing an Infinaut in your deck. And where’s Infinaut, there’s Lady Sif for when you draw it and Ghost Rider to bring it back! And Zabu is a friendly kitty that helps the 4-Cost cards get on the field faster. There you go, half of the deck is already there basically! Sera engine might be a good combo.

Second Dinner posted all of the new stuff that happened today in a short time span (Patch Notes, Series Drop, and Howard the Duck) and I am still gathering valuable information from community discussions which I will bring to you tomorrow. Thank you all for your patience!

Counters for Howard the Duck in Marvel Snap

Counters are really fairly decent for Howard the Duck, but be mindful that a lot of players won’t have it immediately:

  • Elektra (to just kill it outright. This is a good card now, for control decks, given the amount of Sunspots, Nebulas, and Titanias with removed effect)
  • Killmonger (same as above, plus you kill Thanos and Zoo decks too)
  • Rogue (steal effect)
  • Enchantress (disable effect)
  • Super Skrull (replicate effect)
  • Polaris (move to a Location where Ongoing cards do not work and yes I understand this will never happen)

That’s all for this report on Howard the Duck. Great card, fairly balanced, great synergy potential. We are finally slowly moving out of the stale meta that’s currently going on in Marvel Snap. And we might be getting Kitty Pryde back by the end of this week! Also, High Evolutionary is around the corner – probably a new “Big Bad”.

Make sure to browse through our Marvel Snap game tag for more Marvel Snap content, and keep snappin’!

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