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New Marvel Snap Card – Iron Lad – Showcase, Decks, Counters, and Synergies

Imagine playing Kang with Iron Lad. Oh, the IRONy.

by Nikola L

Iron Lad is a very interesting character with great Lore in the Marvel Universe and now you can play him in Marvel Snap. He has quite an interesting effect and I am certain that many players will find good use for it. Let’s see what is the effect of Iron Lad in a short card showcase, which Decks you can use him in to achieve some sort of Synergy, and of course, how you can counter him.

Iron Lad – New Marvel Snap Card Showcase

Without further ado, I present you the effect of Iron Lad, along with his Energy Cost and Power:

  • Cost: 4
  • Power: 6
  • Card Effect: On Reveal: Copy the text of your deck’s top card

For a 4-Cost card, I believe that 6 Power is quite fitting. But, don’t go ham immediately, because this game just got a Twitch Highlights generator card. At this moment, you can’t really tell which card is right at the top of your deck at this moment (although, with America Chavez in your deck, you can be certain that your bottom card in the Deck will be her) but, there is a way for you to know which cards remain in your deck:

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Best Decks for Iron Lad in Marvel Snap

At the moment, there are no “best” decks, the card just came out. But, keep in mind that when constructing a Deck with Iron Lad, you should avoid (most) of the cards with negative abilities, that can suddenly and unexpectedly derail your entire strategy. My prediction is that the following decks will be great with Iron Lad:

  • On Reveal (you can go ham by copying cards such as Black Panther, Absorbing Man, Wong, and Odin)
  • Ongoing (imagine copying Iron Man, Onslaught, Sera, Spectrum… Or even Zabu if you didn’t drop it yet)
  • Cerebro 6 (getting another Cerebro or other cool cards from the Deck is always decent)
  • Anti-Meta Decks (getting Shang-Chi, Enchantress, Rogue, or even Professor X might be sick)
  • Destroy Decks (get an additional Destroy effect, or Deadpool, Wolverine,…)

Best Synergies with Stegron in Marvel Snap

As mentioned above, Zabu works great, so a lot of players will fit Iron Lad in Zabu decks immediately.

Also, a cool new card is coming right around the corner which will have the information about your top card in the Deck available at will, so make sure to stay tuned to Prima Games for further reports on this card.

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Best Counters for Iron Lad in Marvel Snap

Cosmo. That’s… all. I mean, Iron Lad just copies the next card in line, so whatever counters that, counters Iron Lad, no matter how weird this sounds. And in a sense, Iron Lad gives up the information on what card is coming next to the owner’s hand. You can click (tap) on Iron Lad in play and then tap right from the card on the card behind it to see what’s copied.

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That’s all for this report, stay tuned to Prima Games for more Marvel Snap content since a lot of cool new cards are coming to the game. See you soon!

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