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High Evolutionary Marvel Snap Datamine Leak – Craziest Card Ever?

Interesting stuff has been leaked!

by Nikola L

Let’s start this article with a sentence: Bless the Dataminers for bringing us a lot of leaks before the official information drops by the developers of modern-day video games. Nowadays, things like cheat codes get datamined from the game, and back in the day, you had to get gaming magazines, books, booklets, and other physical forms of media (the one Prima Games made back in the good ol’ days!) to get new information.

Anyway, back to the subject of what I think is the craziest card ever in Marvel Snap (so far). This is about High Evolutionary.

Before we proceed, we need to have a disclaimer here. Even though this leak might be 100% accurate at this point, Second Dinner has the possibility and right to change the final effect of this card, for the purposes of balancing, etc.

What is the Effect of High Evolutionary in Marvel Snap? – Speculation Based on a Datamine Leak

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Before we proceed: Here’s the current schedule of new card releases:

Image via Twitter/MarvelSnapBugle

The effect of High Evolutionary will grant abilities to all of your Deck cards that have no effect at the start of the game. This opens up a new deck archetype for sure, and provides some form of support to Ultron decks, perhaps? Let’s see what new effects will (allegedly) be added to the effect-less cards:

  • Thing – On Reveal: Afflict a random enemy card here with -1 Power. Repeat this twice more.
  • Abomination – Costs 1 Less for each enemy card in play that’s afflicted with negative Power.
  • Hulk – Ongoing: +2 Power for each turn you ended with unspent Energy (ok so basically, Turn 1 Sunspot and Wasp, Turn 2 Armor, Turn 3 Pass, Turn 4 Pass, Turn 5 Pass, Turn 6 Hulk with 18 Power. Sunspot would have 13)
  • Wasp – On Reveal: Afflict 2 random enemy cards here with -1 Power.
  • Misty Knight – When you end a turn with unspent Energy, give another friendly card +1 Power.
  • Shocker – On Reveal: Give the leftmost card in your hand -1 Cost.
  • Cyclops – When you end a turn with unspent Energy, afflict 2 random enemies here with -1 Power.

Step aside, Patriot!

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Here’s how High Evolutionary art looks like:

Image via Twitter/MarvelSnapBugle

All Card Leaks for Marvel Snap in March 2023

Here are some more leaks from MarvelSnapBugle:

  • Nebula – 1 Energy / 1 Power – Each turn your opponent doesn’t play a card here, +2 Power (except the turn you play this)
  • Howard the Duck – 1 Energy / 2 Power – Tap this to see the top card of your deck (I’ve no idea what tapping means, really)
  • Iron Lad – 4 Energy / 6 Power – On Reveal: Copy the text of your deck’s top card.

The source is below:

MarvelSnapBugle Tweet

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