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How to Claim Free Series 3 Card Each Season in Marvel Snap – Choose Your Card

Speed up your Collection Level gains!

Second Dinner has heard the masses who wanted more ways to get new cards, especially the new players who are struggling to stay competitive with Pool 1 (Series 1) and Pool 2 (Series 2) cards. From this Patch, you will be able to pick a card of your liking from Series 3 (Pool 3) every Season. But, how does this system work, and how can you choose exactly the Card you want? Prima Games will provide you with a detailed Marvel Snap guide below.

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How to Redeem Free Pool 3 Card Every Month in Marvel Snap – Pick Your Card

Redeeming a Free Pool 3 (Series 3) Card Every Month in Marvel Snap is a piece of cake. First, make sure your Steam Client and/or Mobile Client are updated properly on their respective stores (Google Play or Apple Store). Then, after logging in to the game, visit the store (Gold bars in the bottom-left corner). See the screenshot below. If you missed the Patch Notes check out our Patch Notes article:

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If you are struggling with tough losses and tilt, check out our guide on the matter.

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How to Get a Complimentary Series 3 Card in Marvel Snap – Select Your Card

As you can see in the screenshot, I have a complimentary Series 3 Card to claim on my screen: M’Baku. In 1 hour and 33 minutes, if I do not claim M’Baku with the button on the right side, M’Baku will rotate out for another card from Series 3 (Pool 3) that I do not have. There are nearly 90 cards in Pool 3 (Series 3) at the moment (more to come with subsequent Series drops). Every 8 hours you will get a new card to “choose”, indicating that the “Choose Your Card” is partially misleading. A season in Marvel Snap lasts just less than a month, which means that if you are a new player, you might not see the card you want to obtain. Funnily enough, M’Baku was the only Series 3 card that I didn’t have. So, whatever drops from Series 4 to Series 3 is mine for the taking, so more “senior” players have something to hope for as well.

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