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MultiVersus Gizmo Release Date Delayed Slightly: More Info

This is exactly the kind of thing that happens when you get Gremlins involved

by Lucas White

Whoops! Well, as we talked about last week, the folks over at Player First Games announced Gizmo of Gremlins fame is headed to the MultiVersus roster. And that was supposed to happen today! But, well, it didn’t. Something happened, and Gizo had to be delayed a bit. Luckily it’s a small delay, so here’s everything we know.

Gizmo was supposed to drop into MultiVersus on September 6, 2022. He was pushed back, but luckily it’s only for the following Thursday, September 8. As a consolation prize for the slightly delayed new character, we got a small peek of Gizmo’s in-game model. See it right down below:

While delays are always a bummer, we didn’t even know Gizmo was happening until just days before the planned launch, so it’s still a pretty cool surprise. A two day delay for a character we haven’t known about much longer is not a tragedy by any means. Most folks figured Rick (announced alongside Morty of course) would be added next, potentially followed by Black Adam or (also from Gremlins) Stripe.

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All of these characters were already announced by the Season One launch, so the next character being none of those is certainly a swerve. A small swerve, but a swerve nonetheless. Personally I’m just stoked to see the roster being built up so quickly, which is fairly uncommon for fighting games.

But as fun as Gizmo may be, all I really want is some Taz buffs to make up for those earlier (and admittedly needed) nerfs. My man can’t keep getting slapped out of his entire moveset like this. But perhaps that hitbox overhaul could be the ticket instead, and considering how much that could change… everything, perhaps that needs to hit first. This is filler text if you can’t tell! No further Gizmo details means no further relevant text at the end here.

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